Top 10 NHL Tweets of the Month: July

Tyler "Selfie" Seguin wins the NHL off-season. (Seguin photo)

Something about the NHL off-season brings a little more flavour to social media. This month brought us a particularly fun batch of sent messages from players, teams and deceased fans. We count down the 10 best NHL tweets of July.

Honourable mention: Leafs fan Terry scores with a postmortem zinger:

10. Roberto Luongo believes David Booth’s new deal with the Maple Leafs should have a special provision preventing this from happening again:

9. Can’t beat ’em, join ’em

8 a. Early adopter Dustin Brown exhibits the kind of trailblazing that earned him the 2014 Mark Messier Leadership Award:

8 b. Win two Cups, you get to make two jokes:

7. Michael Grabner, able to see what no one else sees:

6. What’s a pirate’s favourite letter? Arrrrr…

5. Peter Holland inks a new contract and drains a hole-in-one on the same day. Then he messed around and got a triple double.

4. Patrick’s sharp response to the new $84-million extension given to Captain Serious(ly Wealthy):

3. Too much information?

2. Erik Karlsson gives props where props are due: to devilishly handsome crooners your mom loves.

1. I’m on a boat. And what a boat: