Top 10 NHL Tweets of the Month: June

Bobby Ryan: "Who was it that said I wasn't intense?" (CP)

From a super-intense Bobby Ryan to a particularly playful Roberto Luongo, we count down the top 10 NHL tweets of June.

10. Designer @AK47_Studios‘ Simpsonized NHL logos went viral:

9. Love knowing that Jonathan Quick celebrates winning the Stanley Cup the same way I celebrate my birthday:

8. Bobby Ryan, I-N-T-E-N-S-I-T-Y:

7. The rings and things you sing about, bring ’em out:

6. Queens, represent!

5. That time the Detroit Red Wings’ 2014 first-round pick went to the Winter Classic in Michigan and rooted for the Toronto Maple Leafs:

4. Strombone won soccer commentary:

3. Canada’s most adorable superstar is a Habs fan:

2. Also losing something on TV? Tank Girl.

1. Lovable-Farmhand-Head-Coaches-Who-Tend-to-Give-Two-Word-Responses-to-Interview-Questions Gone Wild!