Trending: Players can’t buy Lockout Burger

Run your finger down the list of NHL lockout casualties, skip past the fans and the four-day-work-week employees, and you’ll find the surrounding bars and restaurants, businesses that benefit from a jolt of revenue and revelry on game nights.

As of tonight — what was supposed to be the NHL regular season’s opening but has since been dubbed “Black Thursday” in honour of the dark arenas — those restaurants will have their tills tilted by the void of hockey.

But one food-and-beverage establishment at the centre of Leafs Nation is fighting back.

Jump, located in downtown Toronto, is introducing the Lockout Burger.

“Are your season tickets now just expensive bookmarks? Do you have buckets of blue and white face paint, and nowhere to put it? Here’s the good news: during the NHL lockout, Jump’s burger will be available for half price at $10.75 during all home game evenings!” reads the meat promo.

If you don’t balk at a $10.75 price tag for a hamburger – if my math is accurate, that means we’re talking about a $21.50 sandwich on non-game nights – chow down.

Unless, of course, you belong to the NHL or NHLPA.

“Offer not valid to NHL players or managers,” reads the promotion. “Let’s get back to the game, boys!”