Trending: Leafs’ good-hearted jab at Sens

Read the fine print.

The rule applies to front-loaded contracts, ticket promotions and digital greeting cards.

The Toronto Maple Leafs tweeted a lovely Valentine’s Day greeting to their fan base on Feb. 14… and took a goodhearted jab at the Ottawa Senators in the process.

“Happy Valentine’s Day to all of Leafs Nation,” reads the large Hallmark script.

And then, in elegant tiny type: “(including all of our fans who may or may not be at our next game in Ottawa).”

The postscript is a sly reference to the Senators’ recent efforts to dissuade their ticket-buyers from reselling Ottawa home-game tickets to Leafs fans.

According to a Toronto Star report this week, the Senators sent an email to its season-ticket holders offering a 20 per cent discount on additional tickets to home games against the Leafs so long as they don’t re-sell them to fans of the visiting team. (The Toronto Star is an official Leafs sponsor.)

The Leafs visit the Senators for the first time this season on Feb. 23 at Scotiabank Place. Before that encounter, the Senators visit the Leafs at the Air Canada Centre this Saturday in the 2013 season’s first Battle of Ontario.

Gotta love the growing attitude being injected into NHL clubs’ approach to social media.

Now the Leafs seem to be getting in on some of the competitive between-team banter that the Los Angeles Kings, Detroit Red Wings and Dallas Stars have engaged in from time to time.