What’s The Call: Did the puck go in before the net came off?

Let's head back to last year's playoffs, Penguins vs. Capitals, Kunitz scores on a deflection, it's reviewed and then challenged, should it count, is there goalie interference? You be the judge.

Let’s go back to last season’s playoff series between the Penguins and Capitals. Evgeni Malkin throws the puck towards the net and it deflects off Chris Kunitz and in. But did it cross the line before the net was knocked off?

Was there goalie interference? It’s called a goal on the ice before it was reviewed. Will the goal stand?

What’s the call?

Upon review, it’s a goal. But the Capitals decide to challenge for goaltender interference. After a second review, the call is reversed and the goal is disallowed.

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