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  • How did they do it?

    Nobody outside of Calgary expected the Flames to earn a playoff spot in the brutal Western Conference, let alone in a season fraught with injury and turmoil. But that’s exactly what they did.
  • In his corner

    Behind the scenes at Coach’s Corner, the most famous segment in Canadian television
  • Mr. Perfect

    Jeff Marek has seen a lot of hockey, and there’s one guy who’s never gotten his due
  • Abandon all hope, ye who face Ryan Kesler

    He’s the king of third-period goals in the playoffs
  • The art of playoff goaltending

    As illustrated by Tavis Coburn
  • Stopping the fight

    Kevin Westgarth, a Stanley Cup winner and Ivy League grad, was one of the NHL’s last brawlers. He’s crossed an ocean in search of a place to become the player he’s always wanted to be.
  • Holding steady

    Noah Hanifin may not be as sparkly as some of his draft classmates, but the talented defenceman will go early and play soon
  • “I don’t have to cheer for him”

    The love-hate relationship between Yankees fans and their favourite (or least favourite) disgraced superstar
  • Mind over batter

    Blue Jays starter Drew Hutchison may be a promising young arm, but it’s his wise old soul that sets him apart in Toronto’s rotation
  • “It’s not like I’m gonna throw stuff around the room”

    The Interview with Ryan McDonagh
  • Feschuk: “How special is it to be excited?!”

    The NFL draft can’t guarantee intrigue—just pomp and positivity. Loads and loads of positivity.
  • Grange: Getting there is no fun at all

    It’s an era of championship-or-bust thinking in pro sports. But when only one team out of 30 gets to hoist the trophy, it sets fans up for misery far too often
  • Brunt: Turns out you can go home again

    In his second chance as Canadiens bench boss, Michel Therrien is mellow, mature and ready to roll with the punches