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The NHL Playoffs

86 things every fan needs to know

  • The other guy

    No offence to Sidney Crosby (or anyone else), but Jonathan Toews is the best all-around hockey player on Earth
  • Good and ready

    Under first-year coach Patrick Roy and buoyed by rookie stud Nathan MacKinnon, the Avs are way ahead of schedule
  • Flipping the script

    Thanks to a system that everyone buys into, the St. Louis Blue are a real threat to win their first Stanley Cup
  • The best sports movie never made . . . yet

    Steve Delabar broke his elbow. Then he washed out of baseball. Then he made the all-star team.
  • NBA playoff preview

    The resilient Raptors are back in the post-season after six long years. Now comes the hard part.
  • “I got big and I got strong. Now it’s easy.”

    The Interview with Jonas Valanciunas
  • Feschuk: It’s official, we now have a cover jinx

    With great power comes great responsibility. Sorry, Dave Nonis, we don’t take requests.
  • Grange: Dusty, mothballed field of dreams

    The Expos weren’t in action when the Jays hit the Big O in March. But their grounds crew was.
  • Brunt: Doing it his way, come what may

    This off-season proved that Alex Anthopoulos will do what he thinks is best for the Jays, no matter the consequences

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