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The All-Hockey Special

Your 100-page guide to the 2014–15 season

  • Nice guy. Tries hard. Loves the game.

    That’s how Phil Kessel describes himself. But that’s not even close to the whole story.
  • National Guard

    With Jason Spezza now in Texas, the Senators can only go as far as Erik Karlsson takes them
  • Lion cubs in winter

    Finishing two games shy of the 2014 Cup final, the Montreal Canadiens could have stayed the course, safe from criticism. Instead, GM Marc Bergevin went all in on the future.
  • Still smiling after all these years

    When the legend leaves the game, his legacy will be more than hardware and highlights. Nobody in hockey had more fun than Jaromir Jagr.
  • The perfect thunderstorm

    Victor Hedman’s rise to stardom matches the Lightning’s emergence as a trendy Cup pick. It’s not a coincidence.
  • Don’t hand him that prize just yet, please…

    Jonathan Drouin is the odds-on favourite for the Calder Trophy, but he’s got competition
  • Gotta love #Lumbus

    Young, plucky and backed by diehard fans, the Blue Jackets are the perfect candidates to be your second-favourite team
  • Coulda been dynastic

    Is it too late for Pittsburgh to capitalize on the potential they flashed in winning the 2009 Stanley Cup?
  • Ready for war

    The new guy in the Florida Panthers head office has it all: Math, hockey and military cred
  • The brain drain

    Detroit Red Wings alumni now run several teams, but has it cost the club some of what made it special?
  • Welcome to the present, Edmonton

    Moving on from a GM whose days were the only thing numbered, the Oilders are finally ready to embrace the stats revolution
  • A team possessed

    The Colorado Avalanche have a tough time hanging onto the puck, but they’re still young enough to change
  • Playing with fire

    The case for Calgary keeping Sam Bennett in junior
  • A shot at redemption

    Anxious to prove he’s still every bit the all-world puckstopper he’s been for a decade, Ryan Miller came to Vancouver to put last season out of his mind and the Canucks into the playoffs
  • Portage and Main’s man

    The honeymoon may be ending for the Jets, but even if a Cup run isn’t in the cards this season, Jacob Trouba gives fans plenty of reasons to cheer
  • A good deal stronger

    After two decades behind the scenes in Detroit, Dallas Stars GM Jim Nill is wasting no time building a winner in Texas
  • Kindred spirits of the West

    Both chasing their third Cup since 2010, the Los Angeles Kings and Chicago Blackhawks couldn’t be more different—or more similar
  • Paper tales

    Sportsnet anchor Ken Reid talked to the players on some of his favourite old collectibles and got the inside scoop on those beloved pieces of cardboard. Our exclusive selection from his new book, Hockey Card Stories.
  • “We’d probably break the phone booth down”

    The Interview with Patrick Kane
  • Feschuk: Would you like fries with that deke?

    There aren’t too many sure things in the world of professional hockey. Or there weren’t, until now.
  • Grange: Mind over chatter

    Drafted No. 1 overall for his aggressive, athletic goaltending, Marc-André Fleury needed to fight his nature to return to peak form
  • Brunt: The best boss in pro sports?

    Hockey fans may never love Gary Bettman. But as other leagues battle scandal, it’s become clear he hasn’t received enough credit.

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