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The Beauty of Sport

Stunning scenery, even more stunning people: 18 of Canada’s best athletes (plus one bison) take their talents into the wild for our annual beauty issue

  • Just a bit inside

    The evolution of Clayton Kershaw, through the eyes of the men who have caught him
  • “I wish I could go back in time and play some of the greats”

    The Interview with Maria Sharapova
  • Feschuk: Mario Williams, you’re fired!

    Donald Trump may not be the owner the Bills deserve, but he’s the owner they need right now
  • Grange: From one phenom to another

    Long before Eugenie Bouchard, there was Carling Bassett—Canada’s first tennis “darling”
  • Brunt: Appreciate your star while you still can

    Toronto has a habit of not really embracing its biggest sports heroes. And that’s exactly what Jose Bautista is.

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