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  • The 50 most important players in the NHL

    An exclusive ranking
  • “Whatever it takes”

    The inside story of Marcus Stroman’s incredible (and much-faster-than-expected) comeback
  • The main event

    Every year, the world’s best fantasy-football players gather in Vegas for a shot at $300,000 and their game’s championship belt
  • “If we all thought more like Sherlock Holmes, we’d be a happier society”

    The Interview with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
  • Feschuk: But what do we call McDavid?

    So many questions this year. How badly will the Canucks suck? What is the mysterious hole in the Flames’ game plan? And—oh yeah, there are seven Canadian teams.
  • Grange: When the game is just a game

    This time last year, men’s national teamer Levon Kendall was gearing up for a season of pro ball in Spain. Now he’s taking care of his son in the most important fight of his life.
  • Brunt: We’d like to get to know you well

    The next great hockey star is about to debut in the NHL. Will we ever really understand what makes him tick?