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  • On the edge

    Soon, he’ll be Connor McDavid—Oilers saviour, transcendent superstar, face of the NHL. Right now, though, he’s just an 18-year-old kid who’s quickly running out of normal days.
  • The fun begins at No. 3

    All season long, Damien Cox has been updating his prospects list. Now, on the eve of the draft, this is his final ranking.
  • Theory of Evolution

    A smart kid with a head for science, Quebec Remparts goalie Callum Booth has learned that adaptation is key to hockey survival
  • Cats and dogs and Trout

    Mike Trout’s second-favourite pastime will catch even the most seasoned baseball fanatic by surprise
  • Rising to the occasion

    Sure, it doesn’t always end well, but there’s something special about LeBron in the playoffs
  • Gulu Rising

    In a land where terror reigned and children killed, life is starting to get back to normal. A new soccer academy has opened, and the Canadian responsible sees it as much more than charity—he believes there’s money to be made.
  • CFL preview

    Everything you need to know ahead of the 2015 season
  • Get a grip

    A bouldering photo essay
  • “I nervous dance. I get all my little jitters out. I like any sort of Latin mix.”

    The Interview with Melissa Tancredi
  • Feschuk: The stages of golf grief, from delusion to beer

    When it comes to one’s own golf game, hope doesn’t so much spring eternal as die by the end of spring
  • Grange: Off the radar, on the podium

    Anthony Cirelli was a long shot to even suit up in the OHL this season. Now, thanks in part to a dream Memorial Cup Final and the new NHL, he’s a safe bet for the draft.
  • Brunt: “Have you ever accepted a bribe?”

    With that one question, Andrew Jennings announced his intention to turn Sepp Blatter’s world on is head