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  • Taking very different routes

    Going first and second overall in the 2012 draft linked two men forever, but Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III couldn’t be further apart heading into 2015
  • And now for his next act

    In his first NFL season, Odell Beckham Jr. wowed the football world with his 100-yard receiving games and astounding plays, including “The Catch.” But will he be able to manage the hype and become the league’s next great receiver?
  • Gr!#k

    He breaks records, wins Super Bowls and parties like a rock star. On or off the field, Rob Gronkowski simply dominates.
  • Pulling a fast one

    Chip Kelly has torn down the Philadelphia Eagles team he inherited and rebuilt it to play his hurry-up style. Now his reputation is hinging on the results.
  • A matter of (ice) timing

    Last season saw a massive shift in elite players’ usage. It’s a trend that poolies can exploit to gain a huge advantage.
  • Serena’s time

    She’s frequently been called the most dominant athlete in her sport. It’s just that now she’s the most dominant athlete, period.
  • Rock star

    She’s already got Canadian, world and Olympic titles under her belt, and she skips the best women’s curling team on earth. Now, Jennifer Jones is gearing up for another shot at glory.
  • Hand-to-hand combat

    The members of the Bluewater Tug-of-War club have devoted themselves to a gruelling, often misunderstood, sport. Now they have a daunting goal: to be the best in the world.
  • Beyond the sandlot

    When the White Rock All-Stars met the East Nepean Eagles in a battle to decide who would represent Canada at the Little League World Series, it was serious business
  • “There are two types of people in this world, faucets and drains, and I want to be a faucet”

    The Interview with David Price
  • Feschuk: Remember the fearsome 49ers? Neither do they.

    Almost nothing could be as lousy as a San Francisco’s roster. Unless maybe Creed got back together.
  • Grange: Glorious and free—to decide

    With his NBA contract status up in the air, Tristan Thompson will not be helping Team Canada qualify for the Olympics. But that’s hardly something to hold against him.
  • Brunt: Tomorrow I’ll be available

    Twenty-five years ago, Dave Stieb pitched the Blue Jays’ only no-hitter. You’d think he’d be keen to talk about it.