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  • Why hockey needs P.K. Subban

    One-on-one with the Montreal Canadiens star
  • Baby faces of the franchise

    Fear not, Leafs fans. The Toronto Marlies are fast, fit and highly skilled. This year might be hard for the big club, but the seeds are planted.
  • Exception to the rule

    At 14, Sean Day was pegged for NHL stardom. But at 17, that future is already in question. Can he change people’s minds in his draft season?
  • Bad QBs need love too

    In praise of the men who struggle gamely against a task too large for them
  • “I saw this guy come out with goalie equipment and my eyes just lit up. I loved the gear—and the gear was awful back then.”

    The Interview with Henrik Lundqvist
  • Feschuk: Do they give out off-season trophies?

    The Bills and Lions meeting in Super Bowl 50? That’s the beauty of the off-season: Nothing’s too crazy to hope for.
  • Grange: If you build it, they will score

    Darryl Belfry started out leading skills sessions for nine-year-olds. Now he’s a special consultant with the Leafs and working one-on-one with the very best in the game.
  • Brunt: Nice to meet you. Now keep winning.

    The Blue Jays’ new president will probably get past being seen as a villain. But can he keep the magic going?