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NFL Preview

In Cleveland, at long last, hope. In San Francisco, a closing window. Plus, the crucial questions that will decide each division.

  • Johnny please be good

    Fans in Cleveland have been waiting years—decades—for a quarterback deserving of their love. If you ask people who know Johnny Manziel, they’ve found one.
  • Parting shots

    Why we’ll never see another Roger Federer, who, 16 years into his career, is still one of sports’ most perfect athletes
  • Don’t call it small ball

    As hundreds of players and thousands of fans descend on a small Pennsylvania town, a kids’ game gets serious. Inside the Little League World Series.
  • “I got expelled in Grade 2!”

    The Interview with Sydney Leroux
  • Feschuk: Of ill-fated optimism and staggering delusion

    With the dawn of every NFL season comes hype—much of it completely unwarranted, but still worthy of recognition
  • Grange: Absence makes the team grow stronger

    Missing the FIBA World Cup hasn’t stopped Team Canada from building for the future
  • Brunt: Are four downs coming north?

    The Bills’ days in Buffalo may be numbered, and the long-rumoured debut of the NFL in Canada could be nigh

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