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    18 stories all about how sports coulda been flipped, turned upside down
  • Pan Am Games Preview

    Featuring the likes of Cam Levins, Zak Madell, Rosie MacLennan, Ryan Cochrane and more. Plus, the debuts of women’s baseball and women’s rugby sevens, and a look at Canada’s track and field renaissance by the numbers.
  • Longtime listener, first-time caller

    When your favourite team is down and troubled and nothing is going right, don’t worry—you’ve got a friend. And he’s just waiting to put you on the air.
  • How to build a modern dynasty

    Dynasties were supposed to be dead in this, the age of the salary cap. But as the Chicago Blackhawks recently proved, constructing a juggernaut is a matter of following seven simple rules.
  • Batting around

    There are good lineups and there are dominant lineups. The Toronto Blue Jays have a dominant lineup.
  • Like ‘duelling banjos’ with bat-breaking fastballs

    There are a handful of MLB hurlers who could lay claim to the title of baseball’s one true ace. Our guys like Chris Sale and Clayton Kershaw. Here’s why.
  • “I left school at 12 to focus on baseball 100 percent”

    The Interview with Roberto Osuna
  • Grange: The supernatural

    Canadian slugger and Marlins top draft pick Josh Naylor is ready to move from myths to the majors
  • Brunt: A ghost doomed to haunt the game

    The stars were aligning for MLB to welcome back Pete Rose, but baseball’s hits king is too complex for a fairy-tale ending