Silva favoured over GSP in proposed matchup

November 20, 2012, 11:11 PM

Last Friday, UFC president Dana White said that should Georges St-Pierre defeat Carlos Condit at UFC 154 on Saturday, the organization plans to set up a much-talked about super-fight with Anderson Silva, likely in May. He also listed three locations as possible venues: a soccer stadium in Brazil, the Rogers Centre in Toronto, and Cowboys Stadium outside Dallas.

GSP indeed defeated Condit, quite convincingly, with Silva looking on from the front row. However, after the bout St-Pierre would not commit to the matchup, and White has yet to say definitively that it will happen.

But definitiveness has never stopped gambling sites from producing betting lines, and Tuesday Bodog released odds for a proposed GSP-Silva super-fight, as well as some prop bets on the timing and location.

Silva is a slight favourite in the matchup at -160, with St-Pierre at +150. Meanwhile, Bodog sees the money on the fight happening in 2013 and in Dallas.

Here are the odds for the three proposed bets:

Odds to win a UFC Fight Between Anderson Silva and Georges St. Pierre

Anderson “The Spider” Silva -160 (5/8)

Georges “Rush” St. Pierre +150 (3/2)

Will Anderson Silva face Georges St. Pierre in 2013?

Yes 1/3

No 2/1

Where will Anderson Silva vs. Georges St. Pierre take place?

Dallas, Texas 5/4

Brazil 5/2

Toronto, Canada 5/2

Las Vegas, Nevada 6/1


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