J-Mac on MMA: Holiday submissions

December 22, 2012, 4:37 PM

We had two UFC fight cards last weekend, and to be honest, I have no idea who won either edition of The Ultimate Fighter, both in Australia and in Las Vegas.

I do know our Canadian boy Mike Ricci lost, but who beat him, I don’t know. That goes to show TUF has lost its flare. I also don’t know if the winners will become big stars. I didn’t even know that two people were crowned winners in the Australia vs. UK edition.

Maybe it’s an issue for me, and I’m just not into the show, or maybe it really has lost its lustre. But I bet I could talk to 10 of my buddies, and I’d probably get the same answer.

The Pearson-Sotiropoulos fight went as I expected, but I’m not sure what that really does for Pearson. I don’t think Sotiropoulos was a contender, so I’m not sure it does much except put a win in his win column. He’s not close to being a title contender.

On the flipside there was Roy Nelson winning Saturday. It’s funny I was reading an article about him and I couldn’t agree more with it. You have to like the guy, he defies all the odds. He doesn’t look the part of a mixed martial artist — no six pack, no ripped muscles, an unsuspecting physique, but he can certainly throw down. You find these types of guys in every sport. Charles Barkley didn’t look the part but he was one of the best basketball players. Lionel Messi is a small guy but an amazing soccer player.

But I don’t understand why Nelson has to make things so difficult on himself. Why do you have to be such a pain in the ass to Dana White. He would easily be a No. 1 contender if not for the fact that he looks like a caveman, with his beard and the biggest mullet I’ve seen in my entire life.

How do you expect Dana to market you if you insist on presenting yourself like that? It’s not helping your career. I know it shouldn’t matter what anyone looks like in the world today, but unfortunately it does. You could help yourself by coming across a bit cleaner cut, and not being such a jerk about everything. At the end of the day, is that really getting you anywhere, helping you in any way shape or form?

But he’s proven he can fight. He made short work of Matt Mitirione and you could make a bigger argument for Big Country to be the No. 1 contender than Cain Velasquez in my opinion.

I’m tossed up on Hector Lombard. Yes he made short work of Rousimar Palhares, but Palhares had a broken ankle from my understanding. I don’t know, you just lost your last fight, Hector, and it was pretty clear cut in my opinion. One win and all of a sudden you’re calling out Michael Bisping. I’m not feeling it. I’ve been a big critic of Bisping in the past, but if anyone deserves a title shot, he does in my opinion. Definitely if he beats Vitor Belfort, he is the next legit contender. His next fight should be against Anderson Silva (though careful what you wish for).

Meanwhile, the welterweight division is twisted right now. Next up we have Carlos Condit vs. Rory MacDonald. Rory dominated the first two rounds of that fight before losing, but he has gotten much better since then and I don’t think Condit has gotten much better since that fight. Rory will take this fight, and then we’ll have a possible dilemma.

As for GSP-Diaz, I’m always skeptical of this Diaz main event thing. We’ve seen so many times in the past him not willing to do press events, and not willing to lay off the weed to pass the test for the fight. I’m just so skeptical of the fight, a) happening, and b) will he even pass the drug test?

I will always believe he presents a tough challenge for GSP, but will it actually happen? I don’t know.

Then Johny Hendricks comes out and says he thinks Georges is scared of his power. Really? He’s GSP. You think he’s scared of anybody? C’mon. Look at list of opponents he’s fought in his career. To say he’s scared is almost comical.

The reason he doesn’t want that fight now is because both he and Silva are looking for big, big matchups, and he doesn’t feel one against Hendricks is a big one. Nor do I. GSP vs. Diaz is big. So make the fight happen at all costs.

And now another Canadian has joined the division as Patrick Cote is dropping down. I just watched Cote fight Cung Le, and I was thinking the whole time he looked a little overweight. If he looks overweight at 185, it won’t be a problem to make 170, he just has to lose some body fat.

We used to look at Rich Franklin and think I don’t know how he makes 185 because he was solid muscle, where is he going to lose 15 pounds from? Or Thiago Alves and Anthony Johnson as other examples. But I when look at Cote I think Pat can afford to lose a few pounds. I don’t mean that as an insult, he’s a bad ass, but he can go on a bit of a diet, and just lay off the sweets at Christmas time. No Pot of Gold or Turtles for Pat.

Speaking of which, 2012 is drawing to a close and we prepare for the holidays. Even though I lost my only fight in the UFC, I’ve had a great year. I’m blessed with a healthy family, things are good in my life, my business, my CrossFit gym, so I’m happy.

Unfortunately in the New Year I’ll have to make a decision if I’m going to fight anymore, but other than that things are good. My only Christmas wish is continued health for my family.

I hope all the same to the readers of my blog. Thanks for sticking with me. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Have fun, but be safe and don’t drink and drive.

Thanks to Sportsnet.ca for the continued opportunity to share my opinion.


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