Poll: Jonathan de Guzman for Canada?

January 23, 2013, 12:29 PM

News emerged on Wednesday that Swansea City midfielder Jonathan de Guzman has been called up by the Netherlands.

De Guzman was named to coach Louis van Gaal’s roster for the Dutch team’s friendly against Italy on Feb. 6 in Amsterdam.

Although born in Canada, de Guzman has been eligible for selection by the Oranje since earning Dutch citizenship in 2008. Thus far, tough, he’s been overlooked by the Dutch national team during his stints with Feyenoord, Real Mallorca and Villarreal.

Thanks to an excellent campaign with Swansea where he is on loan, de Guzman now finds himself in the frame for the Dutch.

So where does this leave him with regards to playing for Canada? The Italy game is a friendly, so de Guzman won’t be officially capped by the Netherlands, which means he could still pledge his international allegiance to Canada.

But the fact he will play for the Netherlands provides a strong indication the chances of him eventually turning out for Canada are slim.

Putting that aside, here’s what sportsnet.ca wants to know: At this point, would you like to see de Guzman play for Canada? Or do say good riddance to de Guzman, in light of the way he’s sat on the fence for so long regarding his international future.

We want to hear from you, so vote in the poll and post your comments below.


Do you want Jonathan de Guzman to play for Canada?

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