Trending: Will Arnett knits Leafs Classic sweater

In a show of support for Leafs Nation, Will Arnett sews together the team's Winter Classic jersey.

Maybe we’re just excited for the Arrested Development movie, but it’s kinda fun that the Maple Leafs tapped Toronto-born Will Arnett to show off the team’s throwback Winter Classic jersey in a little promotional video.

The actor, who did quite the Brendan Shanahan impression at the 2012 NHL Awards, is by all accounts a massive Leafs fan.

“As a gift to me from heaven, my son [Archie] has the same birthday as Wendel Clark (Oct. 25),” Arnett told “If my son can be half the player that Lanny McDonald is, fantastic. If my son can grow half the moustache Lanny McDonald can, also fantastic.”

So it seems only fitting that Arnett’s home team requested he design the Leafs throwback uniform for the big outdoor game on Jan. 1, 2014.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve sat down at a sewing machine and put together a hockey sweater," Arnett confesses. "But I thought, y’know what? For the Leafs, I’ll do it.”

Here's hoping the Red Wings hire homegrown comedian John Witherspoon for a video unveiling the Detroit jersey.