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May 17: J.A. Happ on a great day in New York
May 17 2018
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The baseball even eludes science sometimes
May 25 2018
University of Illinois Professor Emeritus of Physics, Dr. Alan Nathan, who was the Chairman of the MLB Committee which studied the spike of homeruns last season, discusses the findings of the group's work with Jeff Blair & Kevin Barker.
May 25: Nothing certain in baseball, not even science
May 25 2018
Jeff and Kevin discuss Barker's appearance on Prime Time Sports last evening, and his comments surrounding the team (0:32); NBC Sports' Jim Salisbury joins to talk the Phillies' season ahead of the Blue Jays coming to town (17:37); Dr. Alan Nathan, chairman of the MLB Committee investigating the surge in home runs, discusses his findings (35:56).
A pretty good Phillies club seek to continue Blue Jays' woes
May 25 2018
NBC Sports' Jim Salisbury joins Jeff Blair & Kevin Barker to touch on some of the factors leading the Phillies to a 28-19 record, including Aaron Nola's solid start, Cesar Hernandez's ability to make plays, and the entertaining Odubel Herrera.
May 24: Carlos Pena on Vladdy Jr.
May 24 2018
Jeff & Kevin discuss the Blue Jays' late loss on Wednesday (1:05); MLB Network analyst Carlos Peña discusses the time he spent with Vladimir Guerrero Jr. in New Hampshire (8:26); Blue Jays broadcaster Mike Wilner from the booth at Rogers Centre ahead of Wednesday's Blue Jays-Angels game (32:28).

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