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Carlos Delgado: Jays need to trust themselves, each other to get past poor start
May 19 2017
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April 23: Raptors stumble while Leafs stay alive
April 23 2018
We break down the Raptors two losses in Washington (29:10); Shi Davidi joins to discuss the early season struggles of Marcus Stroman (78:50); Blake Murphy gives insight on the 2-2 series between the Raptors and Wizards (93:50); and Doug MacLean comes on to get set for the massive game six tonight between the Leafs and Bruins (117:51).
Setting up Maple Leafs-Bruins Game 6 with Doug MacLean
April 23 2018
The Hockey Central panellist discusses why Tuukka Rask will bounce back from a poor Game 5, the surprising lack of penalties assessed to Brad Marchand, whether Leo Komarov makes a return for Game 6, how much weight is on Frederik Andersen's shoulders, and if William Nylander cost himself money with his postseason performance thus far.
The 2016-17 Raptors took to the court on Sunday
April 23 2018
Raptors Republic's Blake Murphy shares his takes on what led to the Raptors dropping Game 4 of their QF series vs. the Wizards, how much Toronto is missing Fred VanVleet, the amount of shots DeMar DeRozan took, and the lack of free shots given to DeRozan.
April 20: Barnaby says Leafs are finished
April 20 2018
A recap of game four as the Leafs go down 3-1 against the Bruins (29:12); listen to our Playoff Six-Pack with news from both the NHL and NBA (49:36); Matthew Barnaby discusses why there WON'T be a game six for the Leafs (92:08); Elliotte Friedman wonders what's wrong with Auston Matthews (119:42); and Rachel Brady helps tee-up Raptors-Wizards game three (132:15).

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