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Fleury is putting on a goalie clinic
May 17 2018
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Aug. 17: Is Jose Urena's suspension too short?
August 17 2018
Brady and Price discuss William Nylander's contract situation (45:25); Fox NFL's Charles Davis on Nick Foles' injured shoulder, how the Eagles feel about Nate Sudfeld, how weird it is that the Raiders haven't talked to Khalil Mack, Teddy Bridgewater's future with the Jets, and expectations for Mitch Trubisky (1:08:36); Brian Noble, the Toronto Wolfpack's Director of Rugby, on the playoffs, the team's chances of making the Super League, and players he expects to step-up (1:30:10); Sportsnet's Dan Shulman gives his thoughts on the Duke Canada tour, why Duke is so polarizing, and Jose Urena's short suspension for plunking Ronald Acuna Jr. (1:53:32).
Eagles fans aren't panicking just yet
August 17 2018
Fox NFL's Charles Davis discusses Nick Foles' injured shoulder, how the Eagles view Nate Sudfeld, how long the Super Bowl afterglow will last in Philly, the Jets' intentions of showcasing Teddy Bridgewater, the Khalil Mack situation in Oakland, the growth he expects to see from Mitch Trubisky, and what he makes of the Carolina Panthers.
Wolfpack hunting for a spot to fight with the top dogs
August 17 2018
Brian Noble, Director of Rugby for the Wolfpack, talks with Greg Brady & Elliott Price about how promotion to the Super League works, the chances of his team playing in the top league next season, the crowds in the Super League, which players he expects to lead Toronto to that next step, and the turf at Lamport Stadium.
Aug. 16: Marco Estrada and Curtis Granderson add to their trade values
August 16 2018
Brady and Price give their thoughts on potential moves that the Blue Jays may make, players the Blue Jays would want on the roster next year, and Jose Urena's plunking of Ronald Acuna Jr. (28:27); Sportsnet's Shi Davidi on whether teams are calling about Marco Estrada and Curtis Granderson, why Granderson's role is perfect for a post-season roster, and Russell Martin's future with the club (1:36:36); ESPN's Jay Bilas recaps last night's Duke vs. Ryerson match-up, and gives his thoughts on one-and-dones, Jayson Tatum's rookie season, and Andrew Wiggins' career so far (2:04:22).

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