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James Hinchcliffe would like to remind you that it takes a mini-village to win a race
July 12 2018
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Give credit to Kawhi Leonard for trying to say all the right things
September 25 2018
Toronto Star/Sportsnet scribe Damien Cox provides his thoughts on Mike Babcock apologising for the lineup that faced the Canadiens, if there was any way Roberto Osuna could have remained a Blue Jay, and Kawhi Leonard's introduction to the Toronto media.
Sept. 25: Kawhi has what can he do on-court?
September 25 2018
Brady and Price give their thoughts on Kawhi Leonard's presser yesterday, and Roberto Osuna's return to Toronto (28:20); Talk of Fame Network's Clark Judge on the spate of roughing the passer penalties, whether Jameis Winston will start for the Buccaneers now that he is eligible to return, the Patriots' early struggles, and the lack of QB's available for the 49ers to pick up (1:19:49); Sportsnet's Shi Davidi gives his thoughts on Roberto Osuna's return to Rogers Center (1:36:17); Sportsnet's Damien Cox on Rasmus Sandin, expectations for Kawhi Leonard, and how fans booed Roberto Osuna (1:54:53); Sportsnet's Michael Grange on Kawhi Leonard's demeanour during Raptors media day, and Kyle Lowry's attitude (2:17:20).
Roughing the passer penalties have gotten out of control
September 25 2018
Talk of Fame Network's Clark Judge gives his thoughts on the spate of roughing the passer penalties, why something needs to be changed, whether Jameis Winston will takeover for Ryan Fitzpatrick in Tampa Bay now that he is eligible to return, the lack of QB's available for the 49ers to pick-up, and whether the Patriots' dominance in the AFC East is coming to an end.
Sept. 24: Tiger Woods completes the historic comeback
September 24 2018
Brady and Price's NFL Blitz (48:30); basketball writer Blake Murphy looks ahead to Raptors media day (1:18:00); SiriusXM's Ross Tucker on Josh Allen's impressive performance vs. the Vikings, where he stands on the Patrick Mahomes train, the panlty called against Clay Matthews yesterday, and Carson Wentz's performance (1:32:28); The Golf Show's Ian Leggatt gives his thoughts on Tiger Woods' win at the Tour Championship, and what next season holds for the legend (1:51:46); Sportsnet's Doug MacLean talks Hockey Central at Noon, expectations for the Leafs in the playoffs, and the back-up goaltending battle in Toronto (2:13:32).

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