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Jim Cuddy won't echo Joe Bowen's bold prediction for Maple Leafs
August 09 2018
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Jan. 22: Roy Halladay's numbers say it all
January 22 2019
Former NHL-er Gary Roberts joined Brady and Price to discuss the Oilers' struggles, and the pressure that comes with playing in Toronto (1:18:48); Talk of Fame Network's Clark Judge recaps Championship Sunday (1:35:34); Brady and Price take your Leafs' calls (1:52:23); Sportnet's Dan Shulman on Roy Halladay and whether he deserves to be a first ballot Hall-of-Famer, whether Mariano Rivera will be the first unanimous inductee, and the voting process (2:18:20).
Dan Shulman: Halladay's overall numbers supports his case as first-ballot Hall of Famer
January 22 2019
The Sportsnet/ESPN MLB play-by-play man gives his takes on whether Roy Halladay will be getting more HOF votes this year due to his premature death, the measures used to elect players into Cooperstown, sports writers being the sole voters, and whether Mariano Rivera will be the first player to get in unanimously in his first opportunity.
Gary Roberts on the Oilers: What is wrong here?
January 22 2019
The former NHLer weighs in on the mess that is the Edmonton Oilers, and discusses why he doesn't understand how the great hockey minds working in the organization can't get their message through to the players, the pressure Connor McDavid puts on himself, the pressure of playing with a superstar, whether players ask coaches to play them with preferred linemates, and the criticism Jake Gardiner receives.
Jan. 21: Recapping Championship Sunday, and a rough weekend for the Leafs
January 21 2019
NHL analyst Matt Barnaby joins Brady and Price to discuss the Leafs' recent struggles, their lackluster defence, and the surprising Islanders (1:16:30); Sirius XM's Ross Tucker on Championship Sunday, and the non PI call (1:31:46); Sportsnet's Doug MacLean on the Leafs' lack of powerplay chances, their "too cute" play, and the Islanders' success this season (1:59:15); Former CFLer and NFLer Joe Theismann on the quality of the Pats/Chiefs game despite the weather, Patrick Mahomes' great play, and the non-call and how it impacted the Saints (2:16:45).

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