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August 12: NBA Gets Set for Playoffs
August 13 2020
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August 12: NBA Gets Set for Playoffs
August 13 2020
Roger Lajoie host Sportsnet Tonight! NBA analyst and host at Sportsnet 650 Doug Eberhardt chats the NBA seeding games and how teams are preparing for the playoffs [7:00]. MLB writer for CBS Sports Danny Vietti chats the latest from around the MLB [28:13].
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August 11: Seven Hours of Hockey in One Game!
August 12 2020
Roger Lajoie hosts Sportsnet Tonight! Host of Under Review at SiriusXM NHL Mick Kern chats the marathon between the Tampa Bay Lightning and Columbus Blue Jackets and the beginning of the First Round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs [2:49]. Raptors Republic's Anthony Doyle recaps the Raptors' win over the Bucks and previews their playoff matchup against the Nets [25:42]. Host of Basketball Central at Sportsnet 650 Marcus Fitzgerald talks the rest of the NBA as we get closer to playoffs [50:36]. Senior MLB writer for Forbes Sports Anthony Witrado chats the MLB's season so far, how impressive the Yankees have been and whether we'll see a bubble format for the playoffs [1:12:08].
August 9: Teeing Up and Closing Out Leafs Game 5
August 10 2020
NHL analyst for Yahoo! Sports Canada Mike Stephens tees up tonight's Blue Jackets/Leafs Game 5 and what we should expect from the Leafs following their miraculous win in Game 4 [3:43]. NBA writer at The Score John Chick discusses the NBA restart so far, how seeding's been going and who we can expect to perform once the playoffs start [27:06]. Legendary radio host Lee Hacksaw Hamilton discusses the sports returns and bubbles and whether we'll see a 2020 NFL season [1:14:45]. Nick Alberga and Gord Stellick join Rog to tee up the Leafs crucial Game 5 against the Blue Jackets [1:36:20]. Nick Alberga recaps the first period of Blue Jackets/Leafs Game 5 [2:36:22]. Gord Stellick recaps the second period of Blue Jackets/Leafs Game 5 [3:19:04].
Shane O'Brien on Leafs, Tkachuk and Canucks
August 04 2020
Former NHL defenceman joined Brent Gunning and Sam McKee on Sportsnet Tonight to discuss the Leafs struggles vs the Jackets, Matthew Tkachuk and the Vancouver Canucks.

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