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July 22: Catching Up With Donvan McNabb
July 22 2020
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How does Matt Chapman fit on the Blue Jays lineup?
March 16 2022
Blue Jays analyst Buck Martinez joins Andy McNamara and George Rusic to share his thoughts on what Matt Chapman could bring to Toronto's lineup both on the field and at bat, how does this affect Bo Bichette, if the front office will continue to make moves ahead of Opening Day, and his perspective on the signings and trades so far including their newest pitcher Yusei Kikuchi.
Behind the scenes of Nightmare Alley and Raptors connection with J. Miles Dale
February 09 2022
Canadian producer and director J. Miles Dale who produced the critically acclaimed, award winning film, The Shape of Water, and recently nominated for best picture, Nightmare Alley, joined George Rusic and Sho Alli to give us behind the scenes of his recent film, his plans for attending the Oscars, and his thoughts on the young Raptors team.
Who He Trade For with James Herbert
February 09 2022
James Herbert, NBA Writer for CBS Sports, joins Sho Alli and Alex Wong on Sportsnet Tonight to discuss the recent trades in the NBA ahead of the deadline, including the possibility of a James Harden - Ben Simmons deal, and whether or not Damian Lillard will be a Hall of Famer when it's all said and done. Plus, James introduces 'Who He Trade For', as he and Alex look back through Toronto Raptors trade history!
Becoming a boxer with David Irving
February 04 2022
David Irving, former NFL defensive tackle with the Cowboys, Chiefs, and Raiders, joins Andy McNamara and Sho Alli on Sportsnet Tonight to discuss his new career as a boxer. He gets into his first career fight as a pro, what the difference is in training between being a defensive lineman and boxer, and where the sport of boxing is today in 2022.

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