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March 12: Woods back in form?
March 12 2018
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Dec. 7: Coyotes on the move?
December 07 2018
Dan and Randip discuss the future of the Coyotes with NHL Insider David Pagnotta (00:50), whose sources tell him the Yotes could be on the move in 3-5 years. Also on the show, Sean McIndoe on the Canucks Stanley Cup chances in the next 5 years (1:40).
Sean McIndoe on why the Canucks have a 15% chance to win cup in five years
December 07 2018
DownGoesBrown Sean McIndoe joins Randip Janda and Dan Riccio to chat about why the Canucks have a 15% chance to win the cup in the coming years. Also talks about the importance of goaltending, pressure of winning a Stanley Cup in Nashville and Tampa.
Relocation could be on the horizon for the Arizona Coyotes
December 07 2018
From the Fourth Period, Dave Pagnotta gives the latest on the Arizona Coyotes arena situation. Pagnotta believes the team will be sold later this year, and if an arena deal with the new group can't be figured out, then relocation will inevitably be on the docket.
Dec. 6: Canucks conundrum
December 06 2018
Dan and Randip break down what these Canucks need to do to move in the winning direction. Also on the show Bik Nizzar on fantasy football (00:25) Harp Pandher and Gurp Sian on the NHL (00:46) and Shane O'Brien on his career (1:38).

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