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Stealth's Schuss on his time in Ohio State & suiting up for his home team
November 10 2017
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At NHL Draft, chasing one single position distracts from securing talent
June 22 2018
Sportsnet's Dimitri Filipovic is in studio with Dan Riccio and Randip Janda to preview the NHL Entry Draft and discuss the best options for the Canucks seventh overall pick. He can't decide the d-man he likes best since Noah Dobson and Evan Bouchard both have upside as well as down. Drafting based on organizational or positional need is very risky because it's impossible to predict how a player develops. Going for best-overall skill is a safer bet.
If Zadina falls to no. 7, Canucks really can't not pick him
June 22 2018
Iain MacIntyre joins Dan Riccio and Randip Janda on NHL Draft day to talk about the Canucks' options at no. 7. The way predictions are moving, Filip Zadina could fall to that seventh overall pick. He's not going no. 2, and now it's not clear where he'll end up. Defence is their biggest need but it's not as if they score a lot of goals either. "They are not in a position where they can forsake the best player if it happens to be a forward." He talks Senators and how -- if -- their problems can be solved. "They're a poor team getting worse."
June 22: All Draft all the time!
June 22 2018
Dan & Randip look at what can happen at picks 3-6 before Canucks at 7. Iain MacIntyre analyzes the options for the team (11:49); Dimitri Filipovic discusses the Ottawa situation (49:08); Israel Fehr looks into the idea of creating a trade market (97:56)
DeAndre Ayton believing his own hype for good reason
June 21 2018
The NBA Draft goes tonight, and The Ringer's Tate Frazier shares his thoughts with Dan Riccio and Randip Janda about the Phoenix Suns' assured first overall pick. DeAndre Ayton is believing his own hype, that's for sure. He's reminiscent of a young Shaq in the way he can move up and down the floor. "I want to see what he can do on the defensive end." And at the no. 2 pick, no one wants to go to Sacramento. The memory of Steve Francis still stings.

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