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Corey Hirsch on Thatcher Demko: Time to see what he's got
July 12 2018
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July 18: The Raptors get Kawhi
July 18 2018
Dan and Randip break down the blockbuster Kawhi Leonard deal. Plus, Jeff Blair talks Raptors and Blue Jays (00:28), Jonathan Tjarks on the NBA (00:51), and Daniel Wagner on who will score for the Canucks (1:38)
Did the Spurs and Raptors both win this trade?
July 18 2018
Jonathan Tjarks, sportswriter at The Ringer, joins Dan Riccio and Randip Janda to talk about breaking NBA trade news on what's typically the slowest sports day of the year. He likes that the Raptors got a star for a year with whom they can make a run. If he plays. And if he's healthy. Those are "pretty big ifs," of course. If those things pan out, Toronto is right there with the Boston Celtics and are the deepest team in the top four.
Best Raptor of all time feels betrayed by his (now) former Toronto team
July 18 2018
Jeff Blair, from his eponymous how on The Fan 590, calls in from Toronto to talk with Dan Riccio and Randip Janda about the biggest news from that city. There's a lot. DeMar DeRozan said he felt lied to, which caused fan reaction to the trade for Kawhi Leonard to "turn on a dime" because he has meant so, so much to the Raptors fanbase as the first champion, along with Kyle Lowry, to embrace The Six. From one mess to another, they also break down the latest about Marcus Stroman.
July 17: Kawhi Not?
July 17 2018
Randip and Dan discuss the Raptors pursuit of Kawhi Leonard. Also on the show Chelsea Janes on the Nationals (00:28) Ian Leggatt on The Open (00:54) and Shane OBrien on Goldobin (1:37).

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