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Feb. 12: Could DiPietro start again?
February 13 2019
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Feb. 12: Could DiPietro start again?
February 13 2019
Tuesday: Mira Laurence and producer Justin Morissette ponder the Canucks goalie situation in light of Mazanec's visa issues. Guests: Steve Ewen, PostMedia sports writer; Gemma Karstens-Smith, CP Sports reporter; Dave Sheldon, Vancouver Warriors media.
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Feb. 7: Canucks come up short in Chicago
February 08 2019
Mira breaks down the Canucks' 4-3 overtime loss against the Blackhawks. Plus, she talks to Israel Fehr (23:00)
Feb. 4: Canucks stoned by Hart, lose Edler/Demko
February 04 2019
Mira Laurence breaks down the Canucks 2-1 loss to the Philadelphia Flyers, the injuries to Edler and Demko, and looks back at yesterday's Super Bowl with guest Moe Moton, Bleacher Report (25:00)
Jan. 31: Whitecaps surf on down to Hawaii
February 01 2019
Joey Kenward breaks down a big day for the Whitecaps. Guests include Canuck forwards Sven Baertschi and Brandon Sutter; Dieter Kurtenbach, San Jose Mercury News sports; Vancouver Warriors coach Chris Gill; Whitecaps Doneil Henry and Andy Rose.

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