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Blue Jays' Sanchez and Pompey talk blisters, confidence and drive to beat Yankees
January 12 2018
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Low confidence plagues Whitecaps but Carl Robinson not yet on the hot seat
April 23 2018
Soccer analyst Mark Rogers joins the hosts of the Starting Lineup to explain what's gone so wrong for the Whitecaps. Efrain Juarez is having a tough start to his Vancouver tenure, and Stefan Marinovic has had disappointing moments as the starter. "He's given up the odd clanger this year." Although Kei Kamara is new, his influence is overwhelming given how he's missed. Yordy Reyna remains a shadow of his former self. Manager Carl Robinson will be feeling the pressure but does deserve more time and isn't quite on the hot seat. "The fan base is not happy."
But are they? Leafs 'feel they are better than another first-round exit'
April 23 2018
Shawn McKenzie calls in from ACC in Toronto to preview tonight's Game 6 between the Leafs and Bruins. Their mindset is empowered by being back on home ice. Compared to last year, they expect more of themselves this season. "This is a group... that feels they are better than another first-round exit." Auston Matthews is only in his second year and cannot simply on a switch to dominate one of the toughest lines in hockey.
April 23: Banner moments from the postseason
April 23 2018
Dan Riccio is guest hosting all this week and he told the tale of his Sun Run adventure and what it's like to be motivated by prefect strangers (00:00). James Hitchcliff was in a car race and had to go to the bathroom, so he went (131:00).
Tyler O'Neill on his major league debut with the St. Louis Cardinals
April 20 2018
The St. Louis Cardinals outfielder from Maple Ridge made his major league debut at Wrigley Field last night against Cubs ace Jon Lester. "This is my time," he tells the hosts of the Starting Lineup. Years of work and effort built towards that moment and one earlier when he could tell his parents he was going to be a pro baseball player.

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