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Brock Lesnar creates interest, maintains stardom by avoiding over-exposure
July 09 2018
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Podkolzin and Broberg could be wildcards at the draft
June 17 2019
Ryan Kennedy joins James Cybulski to discuss how the NHL Draft may shape up and which players we may see going higher or lower than expected. Kennedy weighs in on Broberg and Podkolzin's draft rank as well as where BCHL product Alex Newhook could land.
Corey Hirsch: 'I'd be tempted to stay out of free agency'
June 17 2019
Colour commentator for the Vancouver Canucks, Corey Hirsch joins James Cybulski and Rick Dhaliwal to share his thoughts on the Canucks off-season, including how they should address free agency and the NHL Draft.
June 17 : Raptors shut down Toronto
June 17 2019
On TSL first, Ryan Kennedy from The Hockey News [34] ; Corey Hirsch [76] ; Devone Claybrooks [119]
Scot Pollard: 'No other fan base could embrace Kawhi like Toronto'
June 14 2019
Former NBA player Scot Pollard joined James Cybulski and Rick Dhaliwal to talk about how the Raptors overcame the odds of beating the dynasty Warriors. They also talk about how the injuries to the Warriors gave the Raptors a clear path to the Finals win. Pollard praises how Masai Ujiri acquired Marc Gasol and the impact that Gasol had on the team in the push to get to the Finals.

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