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Derek Dorsett hopes league can do more for retiring players
November 08 2018
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John Furlong: Division & confusion marred Calgary's Olympic plebiscite
November 14 2018
The former CEO and president of VANOC, who brought the Olympics to Vancouver, provides his reaction to Calgary voting to reject a bid process for the 2026 Winter Games. Furlong also touches on whether the IOC needs to change how they conduct their business considering the lack of cities expressing desire to host the event.
Calgary votes on city's Olympic bid
November 13 2018
Kenny Mason of News 660 in Calgary joins James, Perry and Rick to talk about Calgary's vote on whether to bid for the 2026 Olympic games. Mason says early voting numbers suggest there will be a good turnout. The reaction on Twitter to the bid has been negative, but Mason says it's hard to tell who is winning the debate. He thinks the vote was rushed a little bit.
Emil Petterson on his little brother Elias' sensational start
November 13 2018
Emil Pettersson, big brother of Elias Pettersson, joins James, Rick and Perry to talk about his brother's outstanding performance. Emil says he knew that Pettersson could be a very good player right away, but this level of production is still surprising. He talks about playing hockey with Elias as kids in Sweden. They were never on the same team together, but they would go to the rink and skate almost every day. Emil thinks that playing informally with older kids helped Elias learn to compete against bigger and stronger players.
Pettersson learned to succeed against bigger players early
November 13 2018
Emil Pettersson, big brother of the Canucks' Elias Pettersson, talks about playing hockey with Elias as kids in Sweden. Emil says that Elias got used to playing against bigger and stronger players from a young age.

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