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July 12: Boeser is Da Beauty
July 12 2018
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July 13: Unlucky Friday the 13th
July 15 2018
Friday: John Shannon, Sportsnet hockey analyst (0:33:44); Willie Mitchell, former Canuck and soon-to-be BC Hockey Hall of Famer (1:18:02); Craig Forrest, Sportsnet soccer analyst (2:04:07); Sonia Sidhu, KiSS Radio host (2:11:17).
Chicago Blackhawks set an example other NHL teams are copying
July 13 2018
John Shannon joins the hosts of the Starting Lineup in the middle of a heated debate about the Chicago Blackhawks and their salary cap management. He discusses their past entry level deals, defencemen contracts and why that model is being copied elsewhere in the NHL. "Keep a huge core together with big money and then try to compliment with smaller, entry-level deals an win a Stanley Cup or two." Stan Bowman did it. Steve Yzerman is trying to do it next.
Drama, controversy, late goals have made this an exhilarating World Cup
July 13 2018
Craig Forrest joins James Cybulski and Joey Kenward to talk about where he ranks the 2018 World Cup. It's fantastic, competitive and entertaining. His expectations were low, he admits, but there's been drama and controversy and scoring. "The games are incredibly engaging. Great comebacks." Croatia has proven its resiliency, which explains why there is so much criticism they must be tired. They're proving otherwise. "We have analytics for everything in sports but we don't have one for heart. Croatia consistently shows that," he says. "They could pull this off." He'll be cheering for Croatia, but predicts France wins it all.
Willie Mitchell on life's many joys, including entering BC's hockey hall of fame
July 13 2018
The former Canucks d-man will enter the B.C. Hockey Hall of Fame with its next class and tells the hosts of the Starting Lineup, "It's certainly an honour but something I don't like." Why? It means he's old(er) and not playing pro hockey every day. But there are a lot of joys in his life, including a new son and a fishing lodge in Tofino.

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