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Ep75 - RLCS X Winter Split with Liefx
November 20 2020
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Ep75 - RLCS X Winter Split with Liefx
November 20 2020
Max and Brody "Liefx" Moore chat more Rocket League, reviewing the RLCS X Fall Majors and the first European regional of the Winter, and previewing the North American Regional.
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EP 73 - Valorant First Strike with Laz
November 17 2020
Max is joined by Ryan "Laz" Lazauskas to break down Valorant First Strike, the first official foray into esports for Riot Games' hot new hero shooter.
EP74 - CSGO w Voo
November 13 2020
This week, Max is joined by caster, coach and content creator Donald "Voo" Parkhurst to talk professional Counter Strike: Global offensive, his Youtube channel, and more.
Ep 72 - Checking in with Spiro Khouri
November 03 2020
This week, Max sits down with The Gaming Stadium CEO Spiro Khouri to talk about the future of TGS, the lasting impact of COVID on esports, and more.

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