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May 15: Trotz didn't have a single contract talk this season...
May 15 2018
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May 25: Im 46 and I can still run a 4.6
May 25 2018
David Oneymata New Orleans Saints and Michael Lewis Former NFLer - 00:00:00 - The roundtable with Brendan Bachelor and Israel Fehr 45:00:00
May 24: The Knights have been this way all season
May 24 2018
Doug MacLean Sportsnet Hockey Analyst - You look back through this entire season, the Knights have had like one bad stretch, they are so good 10:00:00 - Josh Morrissey 55:00:00 Winnipeg Jets D man - I don't think we under estimated them, they're a really
May 23: Picking the brains of Team Canada
May 23 2018
Bo Horvat Vancouver Canucks Forward - I got to pick the brains of guys like McDavid, O'Reilly and other guys because i want to learn as much as i can10:00:00
Bo Horvat talks leadership, losses, and using that frustration as motivation
May 23 2018
The Canucks forward calls in to talk with Walker and Rintoul about representing Canada and preparing to return to NHL action. Playing for bronze, he admits, can feel like a downer. "It's tough to get up for those games, but it's still a medal and it's still for your country." He learned from the elites around him, bringing him closer to being the complete player he aspires to be. Losing makes competitors impatient. "It's like everybody. It's like everybody in the Vancouver Canucks dressing room. It's myself. It's why you play the game. The last few years have been frustrating here and we're going to change that."

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