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Oct. 13:Peter Loubaridas and Eric Engels
October 13 2021
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Brad Curle discusses the Hitmen's season and Broncos' matchup
October 22 2021
Brad Curle talks with Gordon and Pollock to share his thoughts on the Hitmen's so far. He weighs in on Jackson van de Leest being named their new captain. Curle provides insight on their matchup with the Broncos and key players for this squad.
Peter Loubardias: Takeaways from the Flames' 3-0 victory
October 22 2021
Sportsnet's Peter Loubardias joins Gordon and Pollock to share his takeaways from the Flames' 3-0 shutout win over the Red Wings. He touches on key performers and Calgary's matchup with the Capitals.
Oct. 22: Peter Loubardias and Brad Curle
October 22 2021
Peter Loubardias discusses the Flames' 3-0 win and Brad Curle touches on the Hitmen's season so far.
Storylines for the Flames' matchup with the Red Wings
October 21 2021
Sportsnet's Peter Loubardias talks with Logan Gordon to preview the Flames' road matchup with the Red Wings. He discusses the Flames' lineup and over impressions of the Red Wings.

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