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At the Letters: Tension building, but can MLB players regain leverage?

Hosted by Arden Zwelling and Ben Nicholson-Smith, At the Letters connects Toronto Blue Jays fans with the stories, numbers and characters surrounding the team. Expect new episodes every Wednesday.

In the latest episode, Jeff Blair joins Ben and Arden to add historical context to the current baseball labour rhetoric and discuss the developing tension between MLB players and owners …

Ben Nicholson-Smith and Arden Zwelling take fans inside the Blue Jays and around MLB with news, analysis and interviews.

Here’s how the conversation unfolds:

• Ben, Arden and Jeff Blair discuss the changing value of young players and what those changes mean for free agents (6:53).

• Are teams incentivized not to spend? And if so, how does that impact player movement? (17:10)

• After an extended big-picture discussion, ATL turns its focus to one player in particular with a discussion of what it all means for Josh Donaldson (55:27).

At The Letters
February 07 2018