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Blue Jays hit ‘rock bottom’ in blowout loss to Rays

TORONTO — In the sixth inning Wednesday afternoon, as the Toronto Blue Jays’ hopes of salvaging this crucial series shifted from feasible to remote like a surfer edging too far past the lip of a rolling wave, Logan Forsythe hit a ground ball so evocative it hurt.

It came off an 0-2 change-up from Blue Jays reliever Danny Barnes, a good pitch that faded softly below the strike zone and left the bat as if someone had let it fall out of their pocket. It hit the ground and bounced a couple times before Forsythe even realized it was in play and he should make haste up the line. Ryan Goins, manning third base in place of the injured Josh Donaldson, was playing back, as he should have been, and had no chance of making a play. So, he let it roll.

And roll it did—slowly, painfully, torturously, and practically in slow motion until it reached third base and came to a gentle halt. A run came in to score, the sixth of the afternoon for the Tampa Bay Rays on a day when they’d only need two, and you could feel the air being let out of the building, and possibly Toronto’s season.