The Tenors apologize for anthem, blame ‘lone wolf’ member

Watch as the Tenors sing the Canadian National Anthem and change the lyrics to reflect that all lives matter.

TORONTO _ Before making international headlines for altering the O Canada lyrics to include the controversial statement “all lives matter,” social media followers of Remigio Pereira were well aware of his outspoken opinions.
Unverified Facebook and Instagram accounts attributed to the Tenors singer regularly included posts that went beyond matters of music, including messages about veganism, nature, spirituality, world peace and animal rights.
While singing a solo verse of the anthem at the Major League Baseball all-star game in San Diego Tuesday night, Pereira changed the lyrics “With glowing hearts we see thee rise, the True North strong and free,” to “We’re all brothers and sisters, all lives matter to the great.”
He also held up a sign bearing the message “all lives matter” on one side and “united we stand” on the other while standing alongside his fellow Tenors on the field.
The accounts under Pereira’s name regularly made use of the “all lives matter”’ statement as a hashtag on various social media posts.
They also shared articles and opinions on the Flat Earth movement, minds being “manipulated and destroyed via GMO poisonous foods,” and “chemical spraying of our skies.”
A Facebook post dated April 9 asked users who disagreed with what they were reading to “refrain from contacting my family members with your qualms” and also made it clear that the opinions were not shared by the other Tenors.
“This is a platform and a forum for discussion and I have a right to speak my mind on issues that I feel affect us all … as do you,” a portion of the post reads. “I would hope you all do some research and do it thoroughly and then leave your thoughts on the issues raised.
“I’m putting my neck on the line many times on here. It isn’t to insult anyone but to help educate the people I care about who might not know some of these issues and posting a different perspective on things we take for granted. I hope to engage all and to make us all think a little more. If you stay in the box you remain in the box.”
Following the change to the anthem lyric, social media lit up with widespread derision of Pereira’s unanticipated move.
The other three Tenor members posted a statement on their social media accounts distancing themselves from Pereira, whom they said acted as a “lone wolf,” and expressed shock and embarrassment over his actions in changing the lyrics of their “treasured anthem.”
Pereira appeared to share a post of his own after the incident in an effort to explain his motivations.
“I’ve been so moved lately by the tragic loss of life and I hoped for a positive statement that would bring us ALL together. ONE LOVE. That was my singular motivation when I said ‘all lives matter,”’ reads the Facebook post.
“I am disturbed that people would attribute anything other than the purest of intentions to my actions. I weep for the senseless loss of life, the lives of all my brothers and sisters in this world. I speak for the human race and the lives of all sentient beings.”
He later echoed those comments in an audio response on his Soundcloud account, saying it “was not a political statement.”
“No disrespect whatsoever to black lives matter because black lives do matter,” he added. “They most definitely do.”
Pereira didn’t mention any of his bandmates in the statement.
Nafsika Antypas was introduced to Pereira through their mutual friend Pavlo about a year ago. The Toronto-born artist has collaborated with Pereira, and toured with him individually as well as with the Tenors.
Antypas said she and Pereira shared a kinship through veganism, and described him as a “very vocal guy” with “strong views” who always exudes optimism.
“I know he is a good guy,” said Antypas, host of the new vegan lifestyle TV series “Plant-based by Nafsika.”
“He’s kind and loving and very spiritual and always positive, and all his messages are always positive.”
Antypas said she hasn’t spoken to Pereira since the anthem incident. While she was surprised by his actions, she didn’t think there was negative intent behind them.
“I do see it as a big mistake what he did,” she said from Montreal.
“Basically with the all lives matter hashtag, people tend to take it as a rejection of the Black Lives Matter movement. I can see how this was a big mistake on his part.”

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