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Know Your Raptors 2017-18 edition

Since 2012, this time of year has marked not only the start of the NBA’s regular season but also the drop of a new season of Sportsnet’s Know Your Raptors. Returning for it’s fifth season, Know Your Raptors let’s catch a glimpse of their personalities away from the court and get to know a fresh side of your favourite players. What’s the most embarassing thing on Kyle Lowry’s iPod? What is OG Anunoby’s hidden talent, and why doesn’t he want his teammates know about it? Which players have Drake’s phone number (and who does His Drakeness actually answer when they call)? Which teammate routinely forgets his passport before boarding the team plane? And why does Norm Powell want you to call him “Mr. Serious”?

EPISODE ONE: “Which Raptor is most likely to…?”

EPISODE TWO: “Do you have Drake’s number?

EPISODE THREE: “I can cook linguine”


You can also find each episode on Sportsnet’s YouTube channel. Be sure to check back to throughout the season for more episodes!