What it’s like to be a black sports journalist in Canada in 2018


David Amber, Morgan Campbell, Rosey Edeh, Eric Thomas and Donnovan Bennett. (Steven Guevara)

In honour of Black History Month this year, we have published stories on black athletes and figures who made a major impact at the Canadian sports landscape.

But we also wanted to tackle the subject from another angle by talking to black reporters who work in the Canadian sports scene every day. Last month, Morgan Campbell, David Amber, Rosey Edeh, Eric Thomas and I had a conversation about a multitude of issues that we contemplate and are passionate about as black sports journalists.

In part one of the discussion we touched on the difficulties minorities have getting started in the sports-media business, the unfair coverage of black athletes and why diversity in media is essential in telling a complete story. We discussed the differences in coverage of athletes like P.K. Subban and Serena Williams from their peers, and the coded language the media sometimes uses when talking about black athletes.

You can watch the conversation in full here:

In part two we discussed the appropriate response to dealing with the kind of racist attacks via social media that ESPN’s Jemele Hill has had to deal with. We also touch on the black journalists who inspired us and were trailblazers in the industry, and the advice we’d give to the next generation of aspiring black sports journalists.

You can watch that conversation in full here:


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