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NBA 2K League to feature $1-million prize pool for inaugural season

The NBA 2K League will feature a US$1-million prize pool that it will distribute over the course of the season with the largest chunk of change going to the end-of-season champions, the league announced Friday.

Players will be given four opportunities to win some of that prize money through three tournaments that will play throughout the upcoming season and the league championship itself.

Additionally, the league also revealed more details on base player compensation.

All 102 players who make the league will be signed to a six-month contract with first-round selections making $35,000 and every other player making $32,000.

Players will also receive a particular league compensation package and benefits that include medical insurance, a retirement plan and paid housing, food and travel expenses.

On top of this, the league says players can sign endorsement deals to earn additional income provided the deal follows league guidelines.

Contracts will begin to be signed in March.