The Definitive Super Bowl Snacks Power Rankings

Are nachos and chips the same thing? Just one of the questions of life Tim and Sid debate when discussing which snack is king of the Super Bowl party.

This Sunday, sports fans will unite in the annual feast in honour of football – otherwise known as the Super Bowl.

So, what’s on the menu this year? We polled the Sportsnet newsroom to find out the most popular snacks to serve up during the big game – 28 Sportsnetters submitted their top five Super Bowl snacks for consideration and we’ve ranked the top 10 eats based on the percentage of times each appeared on the ballots. Some snacks on the list are predictable – most had chicken wings, for example – while others are … more a matter of taste.

Every idea, however, has one thing in common: If you can serve it up on a platter, sans utensils, you can serve it at a Super Bowl party.

Check out our first annual Super Bowl Snacks Power Rankings, plus plan your own menu with help from some triple-tested recipes from our friends over at Chatelaine.

1. Chicken Wings (78.5%)
Ribs got a few votes around the newsroom, but the chicken wing is king when it comes to Super Bowl snacks.

But Super Bowl party hosts beware: Despite being the closest-to-unanimous snack on this list, wings can actually be quite divisive depending on your guests. Ensure you can offer a wide variety of saucing options – from mild to honey garlic to those foodie daredevils who love the pain of suicide wings, diversity is the key to good wing-eating.

And don’t even get us started on drumsticks vs. flats … (drumsticks are obviously better).

Wanna make ’em yourself? Try honey garlic chicken wings or go for something a little spicier.

Pro tip: Don’t you dare skimp on that blue cheese dressing, either. We’re talking quality and quantity.

2. Chips (57.1%)
“Tom Brady methodically marching the Patriots down the field? Chips are there for you.” – Michael Hoad, Associate Editor

This one’s obvious. Just open a bag (or seven), and you’ve got an easily bingeable snack that’s always within reach.

Doritos earned top marks in our newsroom, but don’t sleep on regular old salted kettle chips. Give them a sweet makeover with this chocolate-coated kettle chips recipe.

3. Nachos (50%)
Nachos and football go together like Tom Brady and Bill Belichick – and, somehow, this combo just never seems to get old, employing a rotating cast of ingredients to adjust (mid-game, if necessary) to win over the crowd. Wait … are we still talking about food?

Pro tip: If you’re not serving them up with guacamole, you’re not doing it right.

For a slightly healthier take, this recipe uses tortilla pieces.

4. Chili (35.7%)
A deserving exception to the no-utensils rule. Chances are chili accompanied you through many a football Sunday during the regular season, so it’s only fitting that it should be there for the grand finale.

5. Pizza (32.1%)
“Super Bowl” is actually latin for “pizza.” – Craig Battle, Assistant Managing Editor

It’s the easiest thing to order, but if you’re feeling ambitious and want to do a little game-planning ahead of time, here’s a whole selection of delicious DIY pizza recipes you definitely want to try.

6. Mozzarella sticks (21.4%)
Basically just deep-fried cheese – what’s not to love?

For a spicier option, make these jalapeno poppers.

7. Veggies and dip (14.3%)
Listen. You’ve gotta break up the beige and sprinkle in a few veggies – even if just for show, or a brief palate cleanser between wings.

8. Seven-layer dip (14.3%)
“With all the cheeses and salsas and green onion and taco powder and guacamole and whatever else people put in there. I don’t care that the dip breaks the chips. I love it. Obvious winner. Takes effort on the part of the maker, so you have to respect that.” – Kristina Rutherford, Writer

Well said.

9. Popcorn (14.3%)
“Anyone who says they want popcorn actually just wants chips. Bunch-a calorie counters.” – Emily Sadler, Staff Writer

“Portion control is key. Popcorn allows you to take the exact amount you need at any given time. The butter and salt combo makes it the ideal snack to pair with any and all beverages.” – Donnovan Bennett, Staff Writer

A surprisingly polarizing choice in the newsroom, considering its general … blandness.

Stray from the movie theatre variety with this sweet and smoky kettle corn.

10. Quesadillas (10.7%)
When nachos aren’t enough, you can make yourself a dang quesadilla. Serve ’em up with some homemade pico de gallo. Fine.


They didn’t get many votes, but we consider these must-haves this Sunday:

Honestly, just scrap everything else and serve up a batch of the BBPB&J. Or, at the very least, please watch this video:

Antacid tablets
Denial won’t do you any favours. Best to keep these on-hand.

Avocado ice cream
Gronk thinks it’s delicious. Perhaps you will, too. There’s a reason Tom Brady’s still going strong at 41 – maybe this is it.

The tears of Patriots haters
“Always favoured salt over sweet.” – Mike Cormack, Managing Editor

(Er, sorry, not sure how this got in here.)

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