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Eagles hero Nick Foles is only 99-rated player in Madden NFL 18

To many, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is the greatest football player of all time.

It looks like Madden NFL 18 disagrees.

Super Bowl LII MVP and veritable Philadelphia Eagles legend Nick Foles got a new Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) rating card befitting his newfound status, a perfect 99.

The first and only 99-rated player in the game, Foles features the following godly stats:

Awareness: 96
Throwing Power: 95
Throwing Accuracy Short: 98
Throwing Accuracy Mid: 96
Throwing Accuracy Deep: 91
Throw on the Run: 90
Play Action: 98

This 99-rated Foles can only be acquired as the “Super Bowl” version of his card, worth a whopping 1.06 million in-game coins, according to MUT database MUTHead.

Foles started off the season as a 74 as part of the “Core Gold” set, worth only 2,900 coins. He worked his way up as the playoffs got underway and continued, climbing to an 85 then a 94 before hitting legendary status.

And for those wondering, Brady, the losing quarterback of Super Bowl LII, is topped out at a 96 as part of the “Power Up Tier 4” set. Pretty damn good, but GOAT status? I’m not so sure.

For all intents and purposes, as far as this particular video game goes, Nick Foles is football’s lord and saviour.