Super Bowl LIII: A comprehensive ranking of top 53 commercials

The New England Patriots come out on top of a slow defensive battle, beating the Los Angeles Rams 13-3 in Super Bowl LIII.

Super Bowl LIII is in the books, and that means it’s time to re-live the best commercials from the game.

Here are the top 53 ads from Sunday’s Super Bowl.

53. TurboTax: “RoboChild”

There are almost as many robots as there were children depicted in the Super Bowl commercial in 2019. This commercial had both (kind of).

52. T-Mobile: We’ll Keep This Brief

A commercial made for those who hate getting texts that are closer to biographies than they are brief.

51. Coca-Cola: A Coke is a Coke

The soft drink brand uses illustration to show that some things, like the drink’s flavour, remain constant for all people.

50. Marvel Entertainment: Captain Marvel

Marvel Studios shows off their much-anticipated female leads in this trailer for the film that is in theatres March 8.

49. Dodge: Devil Went Down to Georgia

A remake of a classic song mashed up with a classic car, with the state of Georgia being the backdrop.

48. ProFlowers: Order Like a Pro with ProFlowers

Troy Aikman is enlisted to get viewers ready for Valentine’s Day.

47. WeatherTech: Scout

Did you know the same company that made car floor mats makes dog bowls? Now you do.

46. Ubisoft: Far Cry New Dawn

Video game trailers aren’t much different than movie trailers, especially when they’re released during the Super Bowl.

45. NordicTrack: Up Your Game

If watching some of the best athletes in the world inspires you to work out, NordicTrack has you covered.

44. Jeep: Crusher

Jeep trucks are strong. The end.

43. Ram Trucks: Roll Rams Roll

CGI Rams and the Rams mascot share billing in this commercial about Ram trucks.

42. Lexus: Quarterback Safety System+ – Next-generation QB Protection

Matt Leinart stars in a commercial that is less about cars and more about the satirical need to protect quarterbacks.

41. BON & VIV Spiked Seltzer: The Pitch

Botanical flavoured water isn’t what comes to mind when you think of gameday food but that doesn’t mean it can’t be advertised during the big game.

40. Devour Foods: DEVOUR Food Porn

“Food porn” has been a term used often in the modern lexicon and now it has its own Super Bowl commercial to punctuate that fact.

39. Hulu: The Handmaid’s Tale — Season 3

This is the best pump fake of the night. What starts off as seemingly another commercial about the virtues of America ends up being a trailer for the third season of the popular show based on Margaret Atwood’s book.

38. Fabletics: Get Your Best Butt Ever

No description needed.

37. Jim Beam: Celebration

The origin story of Jim Beam is told, dating back to the days of Prohibition.

36. Old Spice: Running on Empty

Old Spice is known for submitting Super Bowl commercials of note. They’ve changed their messaging from deodorant to body wash in 2019.

35. Ram: Fourth Quarter Fight

In a commercial that came out as soon as the third quarter was over, Ram compares the endurance of football to everyday life.

34. Hyundai: The Elevator

The experience of being stuck on an elevator is paralleled with the ills of car shopping.

33. Netflix: The Umbrella Academy

Netflix looks to make a splash in the competitive superhero genre.

32. Amazon Prime Video: Hanna Season 1

The streaming service joins the Super Bowl party with a trailer for a show whose first episode will be available after the game before the full series is released in March.

31. Sprint: Best of Both Worlds

Bo Jackson is utilized surprisingly as a comedic actor in Sprint’s spot about their LTE network.

30. Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw

The Super Bowl is a predictable spot for action movie trailers. The Fast & Furious franchise used the big game to introduce Idris Elba before it’s summer release.

29. Google: Job Search for Veterans

The world’s biggest search engine reminds us that those searches at times have important consequences for important people.

28. Microsoft: We All Win

Real life examples of how technology helps gaming become more accessible.

27. Michelob Ultra: Robots

Are you terrified technology will take over? This will give you solace that humans still are superior in some aspects.

26. Budweiser: Wind Never Felt Better

You can’t have a year of Super Bowl commercials without dogs and horses. Budweiser brings both to the table once again, but this time the message is about the importance of renewable energy.

Budweiser, both in the U.S. and Canada, are using the big game to announce that by 2025, all of their beer will be brewed by 100 per cent renewable electricity.

25. Olay North America: Olay Killer Skin

Sarah Michelle Gellar stars in an ode to the Scream thriller movies of the past.

24. Stella Artois: Change Up The Usual

Stella Artois took Jeff Bridges of The Big Lebowski fame and put him in a Sex and the City-type scene with Sarah Jessica Parker playing Carrie Bradshaw.

23. Michelob Ultra: The Pure Experience

Zoe Kravitz performing ASMR in the wilderness? This spot will have people talking long after the game.

22. Tumi Travel: What the Future Holds feat. Zoe Kravitz and Lenny Kravitz

Beautiful people, beautifully filmed, this is more like a mini-doc on the Kravitz family tree.

21. Bubly Sparkling Water: Michael Buble vs. Bubly

Bubly, which is Pepsi’s flavoured drink, partnered with Canadian crooner Michael Bublé to poke fun at the mispronunciation of his name.

20. Washington Post: Democracy Dies in Darkness

Football has become political and so have the ads. The first Super Bowl ad by the Washington Post was an answer to the #FakeNews war against the press win the hopes of reminding people that journalists risk their lives.

19. Bud Light: Medieval Barbers

Bud had a few Super Bowl commercials stressing their light beer ingredients without the use of corn syrup. This was the best of the bunch.

18. SimpliSafe: Fear Is Everywhere

Home security is another area where artificial intelligence is tackled in this SimpliSafe commercial.

17. M&M’S Chocolate Bar: ‘Bad Passengers’ featuring Christina Applegate

Talking chocolates has also brought us some storied commercials over the years. This adds to that legacy.

16. Pringles: Sad Device

Super Bowl commercials are a time capsule of the generation in which they are made. It’s a sign of the times that artificial intelligence is a reoccurring them in the modern day Super Bowl commercials.

15. Bumble: Serena Williams — Make the First move

The vocals of Rita Ora and the voice of Serena Williams team up for this ad that aired in the first quarter of the game and aims to reposition the app from just a dating service to a networking tool.

14. Audi: Cashew

Audi, like many car manufacturers, is going electric and they want it to be known it is a dream-like experience.

13. Expensify: 2 Chainz and Adam Scott

Everyone knows the pain of doing expenses. 2 Chainz raps about the problem in this music video-worthy spot.

12. Sleep Number: NFL Legend John Randle Apologizes

One of the games fiercest trash talkers in his days channels his humorous side to show off how better sleep changes your outlook on life.

11. Walmart: Grocery Pickup — Famous Cars

If you’re a fan of nostalgia and/or iconic movie automobiles, this was made for you.

10. Doritos: Chance the Rapper x Backstreet Boys – #NowItsHot

What do Doritos, Chance The Rapper and the Backstreet Boys have in common? Nothing really, but this ad works exactly for that reason.

9. Ram Trucks: Cowboys Talking – “Can’t Remember”

Brilliant advertising. By reminding you how easy it is to forget the brand in commercials, Ram ensures you won’t forget the brand who made this one.

8. Pampers: Adam Levine, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen star in “Stinky Booty Duty 2.0”

Adam Levine took heat for performing at the Super Bowl. His commercial during the game is less controversial as we see celebrity children as the stars of this ad.

7. Amazon: Not Everything Makes the Cut

Forrest Whitaker and Harrison Ford provide Oscar-worthy comedic acting.

6. Google: 100 Billion Words

In this 60-second spot, Google translate makes you feel good about humanity.

5. Jeep: OneRepublic – “More Than Just Words”

The American national anthem has become heavily politicized as it relates to the NFL. There shouldn’t be any controversy but much conversation after OneRepublic’s mostly a cappella rendition.

4. Pepsi: More Than OK

Cardi B turned down the chance at being in the Super Bowl halftime show in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick. That didn’t stop her from being in a Pepsi commercial along with Steve Carell and Lil Jon.

Carell provides the intended comedy and, as only she can, Cardi B provides the unintended comedy despite barely having a line in the script.

3. Ram Trucks: Jeremy Renner – “Make Sure of It”

Truck commercials historically haven’t been geared to women. This one is about women, but its message is for everyone. Jeremy Renner gives it a great voice and it strikes a great tone of conviction without being condescending.

2. Verizon: The Coach Who Wouldn’t Be Here

The best commercial was one of the last. Anthony Lynn gets to meet and thank first responders that not only save lives, actually saved his.

1. NFL – The 100-Year Game

Directed by Peter Burr, the NFL network is kicking off their yearlong celebration of the league’s 100th season with a star-studded spot featuring 19 hall-of-famers and 53 combined Super Bowl rings.

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