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Capitals promote ‘poutine’ on Canadian night, get roasted on Twitter

The Toronto Maple Leafs were in Washington Tuesday for what turned into an exciting game, with the Leafs blowing three separate leads and ultimately falling 6-5 in overtime.

Since they were hosting the Leafs, the Capitals also had a Canada-themed night at Verizon Center where they played some Tragically Hip and held a maple syrup chugging contest.

They also promoted a themed food for the night — a Canadian favourite, poutine! Or more accurately, their take on poutine.

As any good Canadian knows, poutine is a dense concoction of cheese curds and gravy, so heavy it sticks to the ribs to keep you warm in the winter. Not the healthiest of choices for a meal, poutine is all sorts of goodness and, well, doesn’t at all look like what the Caps were promoting.

And, naturally, they took a good ribbing on Twitter for their take on poutine.

Hey, at least the Capitals won the game.