Leafs GM Kyle Dubas pledges assistance in NHL investigation of alleged slur

The NHL and Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas have issued statements regarding the possible use of a homophobic slur by a Maple Leafs player.

TORONTO — As the NHL investigates the alleged use of a homophobic slur in Monday’s Tampa-Toronto game, Maple Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas is pledging assistance with their efforts.

“The issue of homophobia is one the Toronto Maple Leaf Hockey Club strongly condemns and takes very seriously,” Dubas said in a statement. “We are in communication with the NHL and are cooperating fully with their office.”

The league announced its investigation after online reports surfaced of an apparent slur that was picked up by a microphone during the Sportsnet Ontario broadcast. It wasn’t immediately clear where the foul language might have come from since there are multiple microphones positioned at ice level and near the players’ benches.

The NHL has acted on similar incidents in the past, suspending former Chicago Blackhawks forward Andrew Shaw for a playoff game and fining him $5,000 after he used a gay slur in the penalty box during a first-round series with St. Louis in April 2016.

In that case, Shaw’s transgression was caught on videotape. He later apologized for his actions.

The alleged incident in Toronto happened late in the second period of a game the Lightning won 6-2. The NHL says it will withhold further comment until its investigation is completed.

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