Maple Leafs, politics and the ‘slippery slope’ of taking a stand

Colin Kaepernick has the right to kneel during the national anthem.

Sidney Crosby has the right to feel honoured that Donald Trump invited him and his team to the White House.

And you have the right to wake up feeling sick to your stomach that an athlete with great power squandered an opportunity to take a stand.

During the same weekend where frictions boiled between the president and the Golden State Warriors and National Football League players, amidst knee-down anthem protests and raised fists, the Stanley Cup–champion Pittsburgh Penguins decided it would be an appropriate time to announce they will be visiting Trump’s White House as per tradition.

“Everyone’s got the right to go or not to go,” Crosby told reporters. “But we’ve been invited and we accepted the invitation. I don’t think you have to read into it any more than that.”

The President is reading into it, however, positioning the Penguins’ field trip to D.C. as an endorsement, unlike those ungrateful Warriors.