Matt Duchene on trade: ‘Very strange’ to get pulled mid-game

The most anticipated trade the NHL was waiting on for at last the past eight months was finally made official Sunday night, as Matt Duchene was shipped off from Colorado in a three-team trade that ended with him landing with the Ottawa Senators.

One day after reports surfaced that a three-way trade between Ottawa, Nashville and Colorado involving Duchene and Kyle Turris had broken down, the teams were able to come back around and settle on an agreement. In the deal, the Senators acquired Duchene, the Preds got Turris (and immediately re-signed him for six years) and the Avalanche got a collection of futures including a first-round pick and defenceman Samuel Girard.

The manner in which the trade went down was about as odd as could be. The Avalanche were in the middle of a game against the New York Islanders when it was agreed to, so Duchene was notified and left the game in the middle of the first period.