Predators mascot lands feisty chirp on Blackhawks Twitter account

The Nashville Predators were one of the NHL’s best stories last season, taking the second wild card in the Western Conference and going all the way to their first Stanley Cup Final.

It’s been so long since the start of the post-season, you might have forgotten that Nashville’s first-round opponent was the Central Division rival Chicago Blackhawks.

To the surprise of many, the Predators not only swept the Western Conference’s No. 1 seed, they shut out the Blackhawks in their home arena, something Predators mascot Gnash was most happy to bring up on Sunday:

Gnash was quote-tweeting a Blackhawks promotional video for ticket sales, which featured the use of their famous goal song, Chelsea Dagger. (The song of course did not get used during Chicago’s surprisingly brief playoff run.)

We’ll attach the actual video Gnash was responding to below because, well, it sure is something.

The NHL regular season begins on Oct. 4, which is 45 days away.