Sportsnet NHL Insiders 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs Predictions

Sportsnet's Shawn McKenzie and Chris Johnston discuss the NHL coming out of phase three and recording zero positive COVID-19 cases along with news on Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby and Carolina Hurricanes defenceman Dougie Hamilton.

In any given year, upsets are a big part of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Injuries hit, teams come in on hot or cold streaks, or maybe it’s just a bad matchup. But, as we saw with Columbus’ and Colorado’s first-round upsets a year ago, we should always expect the unexpected.

But this year? This year could be the hardest to predict of all.

After four-plus months between games, the 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs are upon us and Sportsnet has assembled a panel of insiders to do their best to pick qualifying round series winners, Cup finalists, a champion, and a Conn Smythe winner.

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Chris Johnston: Penguins in 3
Jeff Marek: Penguins in 4
Eric Engels: Penguins in 4
Justin Bourne: Penguins in 3
Luke Fox: Penguins in 3
Caroline Cameron: Penguins in 4
Dan Murphy: Penguins in 4
Sean Reynolds: Penguins in 3
Iain MacIntyre: Penguins in 4
Mark Spector: Penguins in 4
Eric Francis: Penguins in 4
Shawn McKenzie: Penguins in 4
Ken Wiebe: Penguins in 4
Kyle Bukauskas: Penguins in 5
Ryan Dixon: Penguins in 5
Christine Simpson: Penguins in 4
Gord Stellick: Penguins in 4
Rory Boylen: Penguins in 5


Chris Johnston: Hurricanes in 4
Jeff Marek: Rangers in 5
Eric Engels: Hurricanes in 5
Justin Bourne: Hurricanes in 3
Luke Fox: Rangers in 4
Caroline Cameron: Rangers in 4
Dan Murphy: Hurricanes in 3
Sean Reynolds: Hurricanes in 4
Iain MacIntyre: Rangers in 5
Mark Spector: Rangers in 5
Eric Francis: Rangers in 4
Shawn McKenzie: Rangers in 5
Ken Wiebe: Rangers in 5
Kyle Bukauskas: Hurricanes in 4
Ryan Dixon: Hurricanes 4
Christine Simpson: Rangers in 5
Gord Stellick: Hurricanes in 5
Rory Boylen: Rangers in 4


Chris Johnston: Islanders in 5
Jeff Marek: Panthers in 5
Eric Engels: Panthers in 4
Justin Bourne: Islanders in 5
Luke Fox: Islanders in 4
Caroline Cameron: Islanders in 5
Dan Murphy: Islanders in 5
Sean Reynolds: Islanders in 5
Iain MacIntyre: Islanders in 4
Mark Spector: Panthers in 5
Eric Francis: Islanders in 4
Shawn McKenzie: Islanders in 5
Ken Wiebe: Islanders in 5
Kyle Bukauskas: Islanders in 4
Ryan Dixon: Panthers in 3
Christine Simpson: Islanders in 4
Gord Stellick: Islanders in 5
Rory Boylen: Panthers in 4


Chris Johnston: Maple Leafs in 4
Jeff Marek: Maple Leafs in 4
Eric Engels: Blue Jackets in 5
Justin Bourne: Maple Leafs in 5
Luke Fox: Maple Leafs in 5
Caroline Cameron: Maple Leafs in 4
Dan Murphy: Maple Leafs in 5
Sean Reynolds: Maple Leafs in 5
Iain MacIntyre: Blue Jackets in 4
Mark Spector: Blue Jackets in 4
Eric Francis: Maple Leafs in 4
Shawn McKenzie: Maple Leafs in 5
Ken Wiebe: Blue Jackets in 5
Kyle Bukauskas: Maple Leafs in 4
Ryan Dixon: Blue Jackets 5
Christine Simpson: Maple Leafs in 5
Gord Stellick: Maple Leafs in 4
Rory Boylen: Maple Leafs in 3

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Chris Johnston: Oilers in 4
Jeff Marek: Oilers in 3
Eric Engels: Blackhawks in 5
Justin Bourne: Oilers in 5
Luke Fox: Oilers in 3
Caroline Cameron: Oilers in 4
Dan Murphy: Oilers in 4
Sean Reynolds: Oilers in 4
Iain MacIntyre: Blackhawks in 5
Mark Spector: Oilers in 4
Eric Francis: Oilers in 4
Shawn McKenzie: Oilers in 4
Ken Wiebe: Oilers in 4
Kyle Bukauskas: Oilers in 3
Ryan Dixon: Oilers in 4
Christine Simpson: Oilers in 4
Gord Stellick: Edmonton in 3
Rory Boylen: Oilers in 4


Chris Johnston: Predators in 4
Jeff Marek: Predators in 4
Eric Engels: Coyotes in 4
Justin Bourne: Coyotes in 4
Luke Fox: Predators in 3
Caroline Cameron: Coyotes in 5
Dan Murphy: Predators in 4
Sean Reynolds: Coyotes in 5
Iain MacIntyre: Predators in 3
Mark Spector: Predators in 5
Eric Francis: Predators in 3
Shawn McKenzie: Predators in 4
Ken Wiebe: Predators in 5
Kyle Bukauskas: Predators in 3
Ryan Dixon: Predators in 4
Christine Simpson: Predators in 4
Gord Stellick: Predators in 4
Rory Boylen: Predators in 5


Chris Johnston: Canucks in 5
Jeff Marek: Canucks in 4
Eric Engels: Canucks in 4
Justin Bourne: Canucks in 4
Luke Fox: Canucks in 4
Caroline Cameron: Canucks in 4
Dan Murphy: Canucks in 5
Sean Reynolds: Wild in 4
Iain MacIntyre: Canucks in 5
Mark Spector: Canucks in 5
Eric Francis: Canucks in 5
Shawn McKenzie: Canucks in 5
Ken Wiebe: Canucks in 5
Kyle Bukauskas: Canucks in 4
Ryan Dixon: Wild in 5
Christine Simpson: Canucks in 5
Gord Stellick: Canucks in 5
Rory Boylen: Canucks in 4


Chris Johnston: Jets in 5
Jeff Marek: Jets in 5
Eric Engels: Flames in 5
Justin Bourne: Jets in 4
Luke Fox: Jets in 3
Caroline Cameron: Flames in 5
Dan Murphy: Flames in 5
Sean Reynolds: Jets in 4
Iain MacIntyre: Jets in 4
Mark Spector: Jets in 4
Eric Francis: Flames in 5
Shawn McKenzie: Flames in 5
Ken Wiebe: Jets in 5
Kyle Bukauskas: Jets in 5
Ryan Dixon: Jets in 4
Christine Simpson: Jets in 5
Gord Stellick: Jets in 4
Rory Boylen: Jets in 4

Chris Johnston Tampa Bay Colorado Tampa Bay Victor Hedman
Jeff Marek Tampa Bay Colorado Tampa Bay Anthony Cirelli
Eric Engels Tampa Bay Dallas Dallas Ben Bishop
Justin Bourne Tampa Bay Colorado Tampa Bay Andrei Vasilevskiy
Luke Fox Toronto Dallas Dallas Ben Bishop
Caroline Cameron Boston Colorado Colorado Nathan MacKinnon
Dan Murphy Boston Colorado Colorado Nathan MacKinnon
Sean Reynolds Tampa Bay Colorado Tampa Bay Nathan MacKinnon
Iain MacIntyre Philadelphia Colorado Colorado Nathan MacKinnon
Mark Spector Tampa Bay Winnipeg Tampa Bay Andrei Vasilevskiy
Eric Francis Boston Vegas Vegas Marc-Andre Fleury
Shawn McKenzie Washington Colorado Washington John Carlson
Ken Wiebe Tampa Bay Vegas Vegas Mark Stone
Kyle Bukauskas Pittsburgh Colorado Pittsburgh Evgeni Malkin
Ryan Dixon Tampa Bay Nashville Tampa Bay Victor Hedman
Christine Simpson Boston Colorado Boston David Pastrnak
Gord Stellick Tampa Bay Winnipeg Tampa Bay Andrei Vasilevskiy
Rory Boylen Boston Dallas Boston Patrice Bergeron


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