Sarah Moras TUF 18 blog: Hard to cheer at times

TUF 18's Sarah Moras is one of the top female mixed martial artists from Canada. (Al Powers/Zuffa LLC)

Sarah Moras of Kelowna, B.C., is one of four Canadians competing on The Ultimate Fighter 18. She will be writing weekly blogs for to share an inside perspective about what went on inside the gym and house on TUF 18.

I’m kind of a weird fighter. I don’t really like watching fights, especially three-round fights. I think I have A.D.D. or something because I can’t pay attention to something this long unless I’m watching myself. At this point in the house it is kind of weird watching the fights. We want our team to win, but now that I know who I’m fighting it doesn’t really matter to me if our team wins or not, and living with everyone makes it difficult.

Michael Wootten is a really awesome person. You kind of get to a point in the house where it doesn’t matter what team you are on, you are cheering for the person you get along with most in the house. I’m not saying I wanted Michael to win — I had no idea who I wanted to win — I was just excited to watch the fights and have it be one fight closer to me competing.

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Wootten steals the show

This is the very first any of us have really seen of Michael other than the very first episode. I don’t know why he is the one person that hasn’t been shown at all. I know everyone at home was wondering who he was.

When he cuts weight, it is absolutely insane, he doesn’t even look like the same person when he steps on the scale. I love it how Davey and Michael take care of each other. It was like this the whole time in the house and after the house. They are so cute together and really take care of each other.

Michael got some laughs when his towel accidentally fell off during his weigh-ins. Him saying: “Ronda Rousey just saw my weight cut penis,” was hilarious! I didn’t even know that was a thing. Watching this episode I think they both have crushes on each other. I know Michael has a very pretty girlfriend and he’s a good guy, but still, it looks like there is some chemistry between Ronda and him.

Father’s Day

I was in the hot tub when Ronda came in with Father’s Day gifts for all the fathers in the house. It was really nice of her. I love Davey’s reaction, he cracks me up. I never really saw any of the guys in the house cry, so it was funny to watch this episode and see Josh Hill and Cody Bollinger crying for different reasons. I thought I cried a lot, but now I think they are caught up to me so far! I can’t imagine how hard it must have been for the dads to be away from their children, and we had been away from our families for almost five weeks at this point, so it was getting hard for a lot of people in the house.

Miesha is the antagonist

Looks like the coaches are doing a good job coaching us. I think Dana makes a good point about Miesha picking the fights and starting stuff. Everyone I’ve been talking to outside of the house has told me how much they dislike Ronda and how she starts stuff when in reality it was Miesha the whole time, but Ronda was overreacting a bit. I don’t think that making fun of eyebrows is racist. Armenians aren’t the only people that have unibrows and it is super easy to do something about it if you are insecure about it.

Weird ground drills

I don’t know if it’s just me or not, but Ronda and her team trying to move on the ground reminds me of Willy Wonka when they drink the drink and start to float and have to burp to go back down.

A twist ending to the episode

I’m not fighting in the next episode? What? The coaches and Dana talking about the fights that have already happened? They couldn’t have switched those two episodes around? Huh? Not cool bro, not cool. I better be fighting in two weeks!

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