Ohio State athletic director says hockey player alleged to have used racial slur is going home

Michigan State left wing Jagger Joshua (23) holds off Michigan defenseman Nick Blankenburg (7) while trying to control the puck during the third period of an NCAA hockey game Monday, Feb. 17, 2020, in Detroit. Michigan defeated Michigan State 4-1. (AP)

The athletic director of Ohio State University has apologized to a Michigan State forward and sent home a player alleged to have used a racial slur against Jagger Joshua in an NCAA hockey game earlier this month.

Gene Smith put out a statement on Twitter on Tuesday night, saying Kamil Sadlocha is returning home and will not be practising or competing with the Ohio State team at this time.

Joshua said in a statement on Monday that a player on Ohio State used a racial slur several times during a game on Nov. 11. While he did not name him, Joshua referred to the player being given a game misconduct, which Sadlocha received that game.

“I want to offer my sincere and heartfelt apology to Jagger Joshua. On behalf of Ohio State, I am so sorry,” Smith said in a statement.

“No student or student-athlete should experience hatred or racism, and everyone should feel welcome.”

Smith added he has spoken with Michigan State athletic director Alan Haller and plans to hold additional meetings with the Ohio State team to discuss values.

He says Ohio State players will “complete education on racial sensitivity, diversity, equity, inclusion and the use of respectful dialogue.”

Joshua has said he was confused why no additional discipline was handed out to Sadlocha prior to his statement.

The Big Ten Conference said Monday it did not provide further punishment “due to the absence of indisputable evidence presented to the conference.”

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