Sportsnet NHL Insiders 2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs Predictions

NHL Insider Frank Seravalli joins Eric Thomas on Sportsnet Central to highlight series to keep an eye on in the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the teams under the most pressure to win, and more.

The Stanley Cup Playoffs are upon us, which means it’s time for everyone’s favourite: predictions!

A collection of Sportsnet insiders and personalities share their picks for the first round all the way through to who they think will be lifting the Cup in June and who will be awarded the Conn Smythe.

Elliotte Friedman: Panthers
Jeff Marek: Panthers in 5
Caroline Cameron: Panthers in 5
Mark Spector: Capitals in 7
Luke Fox: Panthers in 6
Craig MacTavish: Panthers in 5
Eric Francis: Panthers in 5
Jason Bukala: Panthers in 6
Sam Cosentino: Panthers in 5
Dan Murphy: Panthers in 6
Sean Reynolds: Panthers in 4
Ken Wiebe: Panthers in 6
Iain MacIntyre: Panthers in 5
Justin Bourne: Panthers in 5
Nick Kypreos: Panthers in 6
Wayne Scanlan: Panthers in 6
Eric Engels: Panthers in 5
Christine Simpson: Panthers in 6
Gord Stellick: Panthers in 5

Elliotte Friedman: Lightning
Jeff Marek: Leafs in 6
Caroline Cameron: Leafs in 7
Mark Spector: Leafs in 7
Luke Fox: Leafs in 7
Craig MacTavish: Lightning in 6
Eric Francis: Lightning in 6
Jason Bukala: Lightning in 7
Sam Cosentino: Lightning in 7
Dan Murphy: Leafs in 7
Sean Reynolds: Lightning in 6
Ken Wiebe: Lightning in 6
Iain MacIntyre: Lightning in 6
Justin Bourne: Leafs in 7
Nick Kypreos: Lightning in 7
Wayne Scanlan: Leafs in 6
Eric Engels: Lightning in 6
Christine Simpson: Leafs in 7
Gord Stellick: Leafs in 7

Elliotte Friedman: Bruins
Jeff Marek: Bruins in 6
Caroline Cameron: Bruins in 7
Mark Spector: Bruins in 6
Luke Fox: Bruins in 7
Craig MacTavish: Hurricanes in 6
Eric Francis: Hurricanes in 5
Jason Bukala: Hurricanes in 7
Sam Cosentino: Bruins in 6
Dan Murphy: Hurricanes in 6
Sean Reynolds: Hurricanes in 7
Ken Wiebe: Bruins in 7
Iain MacIntyre: Hurricanes in 7
Justin Bourne: Hurricanes in 7
Nick Kypreos: Bruins in 6
Wayne Scanlan: Hurricanes in 7
Eric Engels: Hurricanes in 7
Christine Simpson: Bruins in 7
Gord Stellick: Hurricanes in 5

Elliotte Friedman: Rangers
Jeff Marek: Rangers in 6
Caroline Cameron: Rangers in 6
Mark Spector: Rangers in 5
Luke Fox: Rangers in 5
Craig MacTavish: Penguins in 7
Eric Francis: Rangers in 6
Jason Bukala: Rangers in 7
Sam Cosentino: Rangers in 7
Dan Murphy: Rangers in 7
Sean Reynolds: Penguins in 7
Ken Wiebe: Rangers in 6
Iain MacIntyre: Penguins in 7
Justin Bourne: Penguins in 7
Nick Kypreos: Rangers in 7
Wayne Scanlan: Penguins in 7
Eric Engels: Penguins in 6
Christine Simpson: Penguins in 6
Gord Stellick: Penguins in 7

Elliotte Friedman: Avalanche
Jeff Marek: Avalanche in 4
Caroline Cameron: Avalanche in 4
Mark Spector: Avalanche in 5
Luke Fox: Avalanche in 5
Craig MacTavish: Avalanche in 5
Eric Francis: Avalanche in 4
Jason Bukala: Avalanche in 5
Sam Cosentino: Avalanche in 6
Dan Murphy: Avalanche in 5
Sean Reynolds: Avalanche in 6
Ken Wiebe: Avalanche in 5
Iain MacIntyre: Avalanche in 6
Justin Bourne: Avalanche in 6
Nick Kypreos: Avalanche in 6
Wayne Scanlan: Avalanche in 6
Eric Engels: Avalanche in 4
Christine Simpson: Avalanche in 5
Gord Stellick: Avalanche in 6

Elliotte Friedman: Wild
Jeff Marek: Wild in 6
Caroline Cameron: Wild in 6
Mark Spector: Wild in 7
Luke Fox: Blues in 6
Craig MacTavish: Blues in 7
Eric Francis: Blues in 7
Jason Bukala: Wild in 6
Sam Cosentino: Wild in 6
Dan Murphy: Blues in 7
Sean Reynolds: Wild in 7
Ken Wiebe: Blues in 7
Iain MacIntyre: Wild in 7
Justin Bourne: Blues in 7
Nick Kypreos: Blues in 7
Wayne Scanlan: Blues in 5
Eric Engels: Wild in 7
Christine Simpson: Wild in 6
Gord Stellick: Blues in 5

Elliotte Friedman: Flames
Jeff Marek: Flames in 4
Caroline Cameron: Flames in 5
Mark Spector: Flames in 5
Luke Fox: Flames in 5
Craig MacTavish: Flames in 5
Eric Francis: Flames in 6
Jason Bukala: Flames in 5
Sam Cosentino: Flames in 5
Dan Murphy: Flames in 5
Sean Reynolds: Flames in 6
Ken Wiebe: Flames in 5
Iain MacIntyre: Flames in 5
Justin Bourne: Flames in 5
Nick Kypreos: Flames in 5
Wayne Scanlan: Flames in 5
Eric Engels: Flames in 6
Christine Simpson: Flames in 5
Gord Stellick: Flames in 5

Elliotte Friedman: Oilers
Jeff Marek: Oilers in 4
Caroline Cameron: Oilers in 5
Mark Spector: Oilers in 6
Luke Fox: Oilers in 5
Craig MacTavish: Oilers in 6
Eric Francis: Oilers in 5
Jason Bukala: Oilers in 5
Sam Cosentino: Oilers in 6
Dan Murphy: Oilers in 6
Sean Reynolds: Oilers in 5
Ken Wiebe: Oilers in 6
Iain MacIntyre: Oilers in 7
Justin Bourne: Oilers in 5
Nick Kypreos: Oilers in 6
Wayne Scanlan: Oilers in 6
Eric Engels: Oilers in 7
Christine Simpson: Oilers in 5
Gord Stellick: Kings in 6


Elliotte Friedman: Flames, Avalanche, Panthers, Bruins
Caroline Cameron: Flames, Avalanche, Rangers, Panthers
Mark Spector: Wild, Flames, Leafs, Rangers
Luke Fox: Flames, Avalanche, Leafs, Rangers
Craig MacTavish: Oilers, Avalanche, Penguins, Panthers
Eric Francis: Hurricanes, Panthers, Avalanche, Flames
Jason Bukala: Panthers, Hurricanes, Avalanche, Flames
Sam Cosentino: Lightning, Rangers, Avalanche, Flames
Dan Murphy: Flames, Avalanche, Panthers, Hurricanes
Sean Reynolds: Oilers, Avalanche, Panthers, Hurricanes
Ken Wiebe: Flames, Blues, Panthers, Rangers
Iain MacIntyre: Wild, Flames, Panthers, Penguins
Nick Kypreos: Blues, Flames, Lightning, Rangers
Wayne Scanlan: Panthers, Hurricanes, Flames, Avalanche
Eric Engels: Hurricanes, Lightning, Avalanche, Flames
Gord Stellick: Leafs, Hurricanes, Avalanche, Flames


Elliotte Friedman: Colorado Avalanche
Jeff Marek: Colorado Avalanche
Caroline Cameron: Colorado Avalanche
Mark Spector: Calgary Flames
Luke Fox: Calgary Flames
Craig MacTavish: Pittsburgh Penguins
Eric Francis: Colorado Avalanche
Jason Bukala: Calgary Flames
Sam Cosentino: Calgary Flames
Dan Murphy: Colorado Avalanche
Sean Reynolds: Colorado Avalanche
Ken Wiebe: Calgary Flames
Iain MacIntyre: Florida Panthers
Justin Bourne: Florida Panthers
Nick Kypreos: St. Louis Blues
Wayne Scanlan: Calgary Flames
Eric Engels: Calgary Flames
Christine Simpson: Colorado Avalanche
Gord Stellick: Toronto Maple Leafs


Elliotte Friedman: Cale Makar
Jeff Marek: Cale Makar
Caroline Cameron: Nathan MacKinnon
Mark Spector: Jacob Markstrom
Luke Fox: Jacob Markstrom
Craig MacTavish: Sidney Crosby
Eric Francis: Cale Makar
Jason Bukala: Jacob Markstrom
Sam Cosentino: Elias Lindholm
Dan Murphy: Cale Makar
Sean Reynolds: Nathan MacKinnon
Ken Wiebe: Jacob Markstrom
Iain MacIntyre: Jonathan Huberdeau
Justin Bourne: Jonathan Huberdeau
Nick Kypreos: Jordan Kyrou
Wayne Scanlan: Johnny Gaudreau
Eric Engels: Johnny Gaudreau
Christine Simpson: Nathan MacKinnon
Gord Stellick: Auston Matthews

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