Toronto Maple Leafs Broadcast Schedule

*All times are subject to change. Please check our broadcast schedule for the latest times in your region.

OCTOBER 2013        
Tuesday 10/15/2013 Minnesota Toronto 7:00pm
Tuesday 10/22/2013 Anaheim Toronto 7:00pm
Tuesday 10/29/2013 Toronto Edmonton 9:00pm
NOVEMBER 2013        
Friday 11/15/2013 Toronto Buffalo 7:00pm
Tuesday 11/19/2013 NY Islanders Toronto 7:00pm
Monday 11/25/2013 Columbus  Toronto 7:00pm
DECEMBER 2013        
Tuesday 12/3/2013 San Jose Toronto 7:00pm
Monday 12/16/2013 Toronto Pittsburgh 7:00pm
Monday 12/23/2013 Toronto NY Rangers 7:00pm
JANUARY 2014        
Thursday 1/9/2014 Toronto Carolina 7:00pm
Tuesday 1/14/2014 Toronto Boston 7:00pm
Tuesday 1/21/2014 Toronto Colorado 9:00pm
Thursday 1/30/2014 Florida Toronto 7:00pm
FEBRUARY 2014        
Tuesday 2/4/2014 Toronto Florida 7:30pm
Thursday 2/27/2014 Toronto NY Islanders 7:00pm
MARCH 2014        
Monday 3/3/2014 Columbus  Toronto 7:00pm
Tuesday 3/11/2014 Toronto San Jose 10:00pm
Sunday 3/16/2014 Toronto Washington 3:00pm
Tuesday 3/18/2014 Toronto Detroit 7:30pm
Tuesday 3/25/2014 St. Louis  Toronto 7:00pm
Friday 3/28/2014 Toronto Philadelphia 7:00pm
APRIL 2014        
Tuesday 4/1/2014 Calgary  Toronto 7:00pm
Tuesday 4/8/2014 Toronto Tampa Bay 7:30pm