Watch NHL Tonight: How to watch on TV or live stream every game


Welcome to the Watch NHL Tonight page.

Hockey fans across Canada can use this page nightly for quick and easy information about how to watch their team on TV or via streaming.

The Stanley Cup Playoffs are available across the country on Sportsnet, Sportsnet 360 and CBC on television.

All games are available to stream on Sportsnet NOW and NHL LIVE. Please note that there are no blackouts during the Stanley Cup Playoffs, as every game is national.

For more information about purchasing, proceed to the SN NOW or NHL LIVE websites.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What region am I in? Why are some games blacked out?

Regional blackouts are determined based on your physical location and apply to broadcasts that have been sold regionally, per league or team agreements. Every team has regional (available to viewers in a team’s region only) and national (available to everyone across the country) games in a season. The map below outlines which regional team games can be seen in which region.

Who owns the regional rights to each Canadian team? 

Edmonton Oilers: regional rights are owned by Sportsnet. They have 27 regional games and 55 national games this season.

Calgary Flames: regional rights are owned by Sportsnet. They have 32 regional games and 50 national games this season.

Vancouver Canucks: regional rights are owned by Sportsnet. They have 42 regional games and 40 national games this season.

Toronto Maple Leafs: regional rights are split between Sportsnet and TSN. Sportsnet owns 14, while TSN owns 26 this season. Their 42 national games are on Sportsnet. For Sportsnet’s full Leafs schedule, click here.

Winnipeg Jets: regional rights are owned by TSN. They have 60 regional games (on TSN) and 22 national games (on Sportsnet) this season.

Ottawa Senators: regional rights are owned by TSN. They have 55 regional games (on TSN) and 27 national games (on Sportsnet) this season.

Montreal Canadiens: regional rights are owned by TSN. They have 50 regional games (on TSN) and 32 national games (on Sportsnet) this season.

What’s the difference between SN NOW STANDARD and SN NOW PREMIUM?

Standard includes over 300 total NHL games, including all games of the Oilers, Flames or Canucks, or 56 Maple Leafs games, depending on where you live. To get one of these team’s regional games, you must reside within their broadcast region as regional blackouts apply.

Premium has the same hockey content as Standard, plus hundreds of additional out-of-market games. This means it allows you to watch teams that aren’t your local ones. Limited blackout restrictions apply.

In addition to more NHL games, subscribers also get Bundesliga, FA Cup, United Rugby Championship, Premiership Rugby, National Rugby League, Super League Rugby and IndyCar.

How do I know which streaming product is right for me? 

Determining the product that is right for you depends on where you live and what team you cheer for.

For more information about which product suits your needs, check out this helpful article.


You can find more information on blackout regions and restrictions here.