Farrell explains Jays ‘Three components’

August 27, 2012, 3:42 PM

With five weeks left in the season the injury-plagued Toronto Blue Jays have identified what they want to achieve between now and October.

Manager John Farrell is referring to them as the “three main components.”

“In these last four, five weeks to go here there are three main components that to me come to mind. And it’s out attitude which includes how we prepare and how we go about playing the games every night,” Farrell told Jeff Blair on Sportsnet 590 The Fan Monday morning.

The other two factors Farrell emphasized are based on dealing with the rash of injuries they’ve experienced this summer.

Farrell said putting the focus on how the club integrates new players from trades or call-ups is important at this point in the season.

He also noted the importance of keeping up with the status of players recovering from injury.

“We’ve got to get a best and accurate read on the players that have been injured,” Farrell said. “Those are the three main factors that I think we need to get concrete answers to or as best we can before the season is out. That will go into out training in the off-season, that will go into player acquisition. Where is our depth, how ready is it, and what can we expect from them?”

Farrell also updated Blair — as best he could – on the status of players recovering and rehabilitating from injuries in Florida.

– J.P. Arencibia: “He’s going through some not only strengthening exercises but also starting to put a bat back in his hand. We’re looking at the 10th of September or 15th of September as probably a realistic range for his return,” Farrell said.

– Jason Fraser: “Throws live batting practice today. He’ll be in a game later this week, so he’s starting to make satisfactory progress,” he added.

– Brett Lawrie: Farrell saidm his third baseman is still “letting some his symptoms quiet down” and gradually building back into swinging and throwing.” He provided no timetable for his return.

As for Jose Bautista, Farrell said he is having his injured right hand looked at again today in Cleveland.


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